Video of the cheat.

Video of the cheat being performed.

Bns Button

This cheat allows for you to skip any fight in the game. I reccomend using this on random encounters that are annoying to deal with. You will not earn xp from this.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

To do this all you need is a stable internet connection.

Step by Step Guide[edit | edit source]

There are 2 different methods of doing this and both are very similar. Bosses, and Random encounters.

Random Encounter Method :

This method is for enemies you encounter which do not have dialogue text within the battle.

Step 1 - Encounter an enemy

Step 2 - Press the button that says Bns

Step 3 - Once it says the game has saved, close the game.

Step 4 - Open the game.

Step 5 - When you open the game you will see your character with an exclamation mark above their head but there will be no enemy. This means you have successfully done the glitch.

Boss Method:

This method is for bosses which have dialogue before their fight.

Step 1 - Save before encounter the boss.

Step 2 - Encounter the boss and immediately press the bns button while the transition to the actual fight is happening.

Step 3 - Once the game has saved, close the game.

Step 4 - Open the game.

Step 5 - When you open the game it should show the boss being defeated and flying offscreen. This means you have succesfully done the glitch.

Notes[edit | edit source]

This glitch can let you beat the entire game with 1 character at a very low level. It is tedious but it can be done.

You won't earn xp from any fights and the only fights you are forced to do are the tutorial ones.

You will earn any items that the boss if guarding.

If you are in a battle and lose hp while in the battle, if you press the bns button and re-open the game (while still in that battle) , you will not have lost that hp.

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