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Each job has a specific skillset. Skills divided into 2 categories : Normal Skills and Abilities. Normal Skills are again divided into Active Skills and Passive Skills.

Active skills must be invoked to gain its effect. Invoking active skills may depend on the situation. Some skills can be invoked outside of battle and some skills can only be invoked in battles.

Passive skills are always active. They may provide various bonuses to the team.

Abilities are passive and their effects only apply to the pilot who owns those abilities.

Normal skills must be set in the skill slots for their effects to appear.

Normal Skills Edit

Icon Name Type Max Lvl Description Job
Normal Attack (Skyforce Unite!) Normal Attack Active 1 A normal attack All
Treasure Shot (Skyforce Unite!) Treasure Shot Active 9 Makes chests easier to find Ranger
Route (Skyforce Unite!) Route Active 1 Cause an ally to retreat Ranger
Scout (Skyforce Unite!) Scout Passive 9 Clouds nearby sometimes disappear Ranger
Picking (Skyforce Unite!) Picking Passive 9 Locked chests are easier to unlock Ranger
Hacking (Skyforce Unite!) Hacking Active 9 Short-circuit a machine Mechanic
Repair (Skyforce Unite!) Repair Active 9 Craft recovers a bit of AP Mechanic
Maintenance (Skyforce Unite!) Maintenance Active 1 Fix all crafts' burning or Short Circuit Mechanic
Dive Bomb (Skyforce Unite!) Dive Bomb Active 9 A bomb attack with a high hit rate Gunner
Strafe (Skyforce Unite!) Strafe Active 9 Shoot at a line of enemies Gunner
Blind Fire (Skyforce Unite!) Blind Fire Active 9 Shoot at all enemies Gunner
Zoom Scope (Skyforce Unite!) Zoom Scope Active 9 Hit/Critical Up, Dodge Down Gunner
Overclock (Skyforce Unite!) Overclock Active 9 All stats up! Constantly drains FP. Scholar
Radar Scan (Skyforce Unite!) Radar Scan Active 9 Scan enemies to reduce stealth Scholar
Weakness Scan (Skyforce Unite!) Weakness Scan Active 9 Scan weaknesses to reduce defense Scholar
Renewable Fuel (Skyforce Unite!) Renewable Fuel Passive 9 Fuel refills automatically Scholar
Aerial Fueling (Skyforce Unite!) Aerial Fueling Active 4 Refuel 50% Merchant
Weapon Refill (Skyforce Unite!) Weapon Refill Active 9 Refill Weapon Parts Merchant
Change Cards (Skyforce Unite!) Change Cards Active 3 Change all cards Merchant
Safe Point (Skyforce Unite!) Safe Point Active 3 For 3 turns, all squares are non colored Merchant
Repair III (Skyforce Unite!) Repair III Active 9 Craft recovers a lot of AP Meister
Repair All III (Skyforce Unite!) Repair All III Active 9 All craft recover a lot of AP Meister
Maintenance III (Skyforce Unite!) Maintenance III Active 1 Repair all status effects Meister
Carpet-bomb (Skyforce Unite!) Carpet-bomb Active 9 Bomb all enemies Bomber
Bomb Toss (Skyforce Unite!) Bomb Toss Active 9 Toss multiple bombs


Multi Lock-On (Skyforce Unite!) Multi Lock-on Active 9 Next missile targets many enemies Bomber
Repair II (Skyforce Unite!) Repair II Active 9 Craft recovers some AP Engineer
Repair All II (Skyforce Unite!) Repair All II Active 9 All craft recover some AP Engineer
Maintenance II (Skyforce Unite!) Maintenance II Active 1 Fix burning, S/C, stall, fuel leak Engineer
Sharpshooter (Skyforce Unite!) Sharpshooter Active 9 Aim at weak points for high damage Sniper
Burst Shot (Skyforce Unite!) Burst Shot Active 9 Attack with multiple shots Sniper
Adrenaline Boost (Skyforce Unite!) Adrenaline Boost Active 9 Power/hit up, defense/doge down. Sniper
Flash Bang (Skyforce Unite!) Flash Bang Active 9 Cause momentary blindness Clown
Sticky Bomb (Skyforce Unite!) Sticky Bomb Active 9 Sticks and reduces dodge rate Clown
Rewrite Card (Skyforce Unite!) Rewrite Card Active 3 Rewrite a card's symbol Clown
Free Flight (Skyforce Unite!) Free Flight Active 3 Can stop anywhere while moving Clown
Poison Needles (Skyforce Unite!) Poison Needles Active


Paralyze with poisoned needles Ninja
Shellshock (Skyforce Unite!) Shellshock Active 9 A loud explosion makes enemies faint Ninja
Cicada Move (Skyforce Unite!) Cicada Move Active 1 Cancels received damage Ninja
Shortcut (Skyforce Unite!) Shortcut Active 3 Doubles a card's move distance Ninja
Guard II (Skyforce Unite!) Guard II Active 9 Greatly reduces damage Paladin
Barrier (Skyforce Unite!) Barrier Active 9 Sets up a protective barrier Paladin
Regen. Armor (Skyforce Unite!) Regen. Armor Passive 9 AP refills automatically Paladin
Staunch Spirit (Skyforce Unite!) Staunch Spirit Passive 9 Defense up when under 30% Ap Paladin
Guard (Skyforce Unite!) Guard Active 9 Reduces Damage Knight
Draw Out (Skyforce Unite!) Draw Out Active 9 Draws the enemy's attention Knight
Protect (Skyforce Unite!) Protect Active 1 Protects the specified ally Knight
Aimed Attack (Skyforce Unite!) Aimed Attack Active 9 An attack with a high hit rate Pilot
Accelerate (Skyforce Unite!) Accelerate Active 9 Temporarily boosts speed Pilot
Taunt (Skyforce Unite!) Taunt Active 9 More likely to be targeted Pilot
Snap Roll (Skyforce Unite!) Snap Roll Active 9 A move that boosts hit rate Ace Pilot
Barrel Roll (Skyforce Unite!) Barrel Roll Active 9 A move that boosts dodge rate Ace Pilot
Low Flying (Skyforce Unite!) Low Flying Active 9 Anti-ground up, mobility down Ace Pilot
High Flying (Skyforce Unite!) High Flying Active 9 Anti-air up, speed down Ace PIlot
Fuel Efficiency (Skyforce Unite!) Fuel Efficiency Passive 9 Fuel required for moving is reduced Ace Pilot
Anticipation (Skyforce Unite!) Anticipation Passive 9 Faster action order when starting combat Ace Pilot
Turbo Buster (Skyforce Unite!) Turbo Buster Active 9 Temporarily boosts speed significantly Top Gun
Dodge (Skyforce Unite!) Dodge Active 9 Concentrate on dodging Top Gun
Flamethrower (Skyforce Unite!) Flamethrower Active 9 Shoot out fuel to cause burning Firefighter
Repair All (Skyforce Unite!) Repair All Active 9 All craft recover a bit of AP Firefighter
First Aid (Skyforce Unite!) First Aid Active 1 Cure blindness/fainting Firefighter
Extinguisher (Skyforce Unite!) Extinguisher Active 9 Extinguish burning / boost resistance Firefighter
Data Link (Skyforce Unite!) Data Link Active 9 Cure blindess/boost resistance Radio Ops
Shout (Skyforce Unite!) Shout Active 9 Cure fainting/boost resistance Radio Ops
Full Route (Skyforce Unite!) Full Route Active 1 Cause all crafts to retreat

Radio Ops

Refueling Point (Skyforce Unite!) Refueling Point Active 3 For 3 turns, all squares are blue Radio Ops
Guardian Prayer (Skyforce Unite!) Guardian Prayer Active 9 Boosts an ally's defense Cleric
Aiming Prayer (Skyforce Unite!) Aiming Prayer Active 9 Boosts an ally's hit rate Cleric
Luck Prayer (Skyforce Unite!) Luck Prayer Active 9 Boosts an ally's luck Cleric
Purging Prayer (Skyforce Unite!) Purging Prayer Active 9 Removes an ally's status effects. Cleric

Abilities Edit

Icon Name Max Lvl Description Job
Gun Mastery (Skyforce Unite!) Gun Mastery 30 Boosts the power of guns All
Cannon Mastery (Skyforce Unite!) Cannon Mastery 30 Boosts the power of cannons All
Missile Mastery (Skyforce Unite!) Missile Mastery 30 Boosts the power of missiles Cleric
Ace Pilot
Bomb Mastery (Skyforce Unite!) Bomb Mastery 30 Boosts the power of bombs All
Rocket Mastery (Skyforce Unite!) Rocket Mastery 30 Boosts the power of rockets All
Hard Worker (Skyforce Unite!) Hard Worker 30 More XP Scholar
Greedy (Skyforce Unite!) Greedy 30 More gold from enemies Merchant
Lucky (Skyforce Unite!) Lucky 30 Enemies drop more chests Merchant
Developer (Skyforce Unite!) Developer 30 Boosts village development Merchant
Anti-S C (Skyforce Unite!) Anti S/C 30 Protects againts short circuits Engineer
Eagle Eyes (Skyforce Unite!) Eagle Eyes 30 Can see weaknesses. Boosts critical rate Sniper
Anti-Break (Skyforce Unite!) Anti-Break 30 Protects againsts breaks Clown
Anti-Stall (Skyforce Unite!) Anti-Stall 30 Protects againts stalls Ninja
Stealth Up (Skyforce Unite!) Stealth Up 30 Stealth is increased Ninja
Resolute (Skyforce Unite!) Resolute 30 Boosts resistance to status effects Paladin
Defense Up (Skyforce Unite!) Defense Up 20 Defense is increased


Anti-Faint (Skyforce Unite!) Anti-Faint 30 Protects againts fainting Knight
Speed Up (Skyforce Unite!) Speed Up 30 Speed is increased Top Gun
Aura Boost (Skyforce Unite!) Aura Boost 30 Boosts chances of a stronger aura Top Gun
Flame Hunter (Skyforce Unite!) Flame Hunter 30 Stronger attacks on fire enemies Firefighter
Anti-Burning (Skyforce Unite!) Anti-Burning 30 Protects againts burning Firefighter
Ghostbuster (Skyforce Unite!) Ghostbuster 30 Stronger attacks on ghosts Cleric
Anti-Blind (Skyforce Unite!) Anti-blind 30 Protects against blindness Cleric

Note :

  • Defense Up Ability is cumulative. Each job can give +10 max level to the ability to a maximum of 30 level.
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