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Silver Screen Story is game about managing a film studio, finding the best talent and making blockbusters!

Movie Theaters[]

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Purchasing movie theater contracts is an important step in increasing ticket sale. The movie theater button can be found on the menu.

All theaters have upgrade requirements at level 3, 5, and 8.


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Auras can appear on actors/staff, and will help the affected person perfect better than normal at a task. Color Order/Strength: Blue, Green, Gold, Rainbow


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You can rank up your studio once certain conditions are met, unlocking more content.

Unlock Condition(s) Rewards
Indie Filmmaker
Funds: 1000K
Wishes Granted:2
  • Two themes can be selected
  • Themes: Life-Saving Doctor, Hotel, Little Village, Great Mind
  • Movie theaters: Metro, EU
  • Skills: ?
  • Training: Sea Fishing, Sunbathe in a Park
  • Ad Types: Film Festival, Ads on Trains, Magazine Ads
☆☆ Recognized Filmmaker
Funds: 5000K
Fans: 3000
Movie Rank: 250
Built Facilities: 3
Built Sites: 2
  • Two actors can be selected
  • Themes: Dance, Dinosaurs, Animals, Science, Steampunk, Contemporary, Demons, Children
  • Movie Theaters: Nation, Asia
  • Filming Sites: Night-Time City, Japanese House
  • Skills: Director: Popularity++, Staff: Talent++, Aura Bonus 1, Road Movie Know-How
  • Ad Types: Movie Trailer, Radio Ads
☆☆☆ Household Name
Funds: 25,000K
Research: 200
Fans: 25,000
Audience: 100K
Reviews: 60
Built Facilities: 6
  • Two genres can be selected
  • Themes: Musical, Phantom Thief, High School, Ghosts, Cool Cop, Epic Adventure, Uninhabited Island, Campus, Survival, Famous Detective
  • Movie Theaters: Your theater, ??
  • Skills: Director: Charisma++, Staff: Tech++, 2x Research Points, CEO Suit, EXP Bonus 2, Training Revenue Bonus L, Action Know-How, General Movie Know-How 1
  • Training: Design a Poster
  • Ad Types: Billboards
☆☆☆☆ Movie Maven
Funds: 100,000K
Audience: 3,000K
Fans: 200K
Wishes Granted: 55
Gold Prizes: 1
Built Sites: 9
  • Two supporting roles can be selected
  • Buttons added to top left to collect all Research/Money from all facilities
  • Themes: Inspiration, Ninja, Samurai, University
  • Movie Theaters: Oceania
  • Filming Sites: Underwater
  • Skills: Director: Popularity+++, Staff: Talent++, Aura Bonus 2, Romance Know-How, General Movie Know-How 2
  • Training: Talk Show at a Restaurant
  • Ad Types: Online Ads
☆☆☆☆☆ Movie Mogul
Audience: 65,000K
Fans: 7,000K
Built Facilities: 16
Gold Prize: 3
Category Awards: 40
Built Sites: 15
  • "Pumpkin Products" shop unlocks, and will sell you additional uses of themes you've already unlocked (prices goes up with each purchase)
  • Themes: Space, Fantasy, Pirates, Heroes, Spies, Marriage
  • Movie Theaters: Your Studios, Africa
  • Skills: Director: Charisma+++, Staff: Tech+++, EXP Bonus 3, Sci-Fi Know-How, General Movie Know-How 3
  • Training: Cooking Class
  • Facilities: High-Tech
  • Ad Types: TV Ads, Special Event

Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story.png Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.

Increasing the theater levels decrease the tickets income. So it is recommended to only upgrade theaters if they sold out. And only for ranking.


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