The Secretary, whose name is Hishoko Hiyama (秘山ひしょ子)[1] [2], often serves the purpose of the assistant, especially on older games. She is a female with brown hair, with various length and style depending on the game, and commonly wears dark blue clothing (often a dress with a bright belt), sometimes with pink shoes and a bow. Her most common hair style is long hair (past her shoulders) worn down, as is often depicted as such on official artwork and merchandise. While generally not playable, she shows up as a special character in Venture Towns.


Appearances Aliases Notes
Anime Studio Story Secretary
Biz Builder Delux Secretary Ponytail and bangs
Cafeteria Nipponica Assistant Short hair and apron. but with brown hair and pink bow / shoes.
Game Dev Story Secretary Appears behind desk.
Grand Prix Story Secretary Ponytail
Hot Springs Story Manageress Hair in thick bun. Game file pictures refer to her as Minako.
Kairobotica Amanogawa Possibly named for the Amanogawa cultivar of the Prunus serrulata.
Magazine Mogul Managing Editor Ponytail
Ninja Village? Mochizuki Hair in bun. Possibly named for the Mochizuki-shuku, a rest stop along the Nakasendoo of Japan's capital during the Edo period. Mochizuki also has other significance.
Oh! Edo Towns? Ohisho Short hair. Also appears in the "Kairobot's Journey" group.
Pocket Academy Ass't Principal Appears behind desk.
Pocket Stables June Fields Pony tail
Skyforce Unite!? Skylar Short pony tail
Tennis Club Story? Assistant Short pony tail and pink skirt.
Venture Towns Secretary Is also a possible resident by the same name, of whom's starting job is "Spy".
World Cruise Story First Mate Pony tail with black seawoman outfit.



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