Sally Prin appears to be a female version of Kairobot, and is often the last, or one of the last, special characters in a game to be unlocked (if she is in the game). Unlike Kairobot or Wairobot, her name doesn't end in "bot", and she does not have the first letter of her name on her torso.

Beastie BayEdit

Sally Prin is ally #89, with maxed modifiers. Her bestiary number is one away from Kairobot, who is ally #88. Sally Prin is also a resident of Enigma Isle and will visit your island once Enigma Isle's population funds are invested into enough.

Bonbon CakeryEdit

Aliases: Cosmo Prin Z

Sally Prin appears as:

  • A judge of the Kairo Family Fest contest.
  • An unlockable customer - Sally Prin.
  • A customer of Truck Sales - Cosmo Prin Z (Space Station Location)

Cafeteria NipponicaEdit

Aliases: Princess Prin

Sally Prin shows up as a special guest. If she is satisfied with her dining experience, she will give you a Gold Kairobot.

Dream House DaysEdit

Quote: ""I could've sworn there was a secondhand game shop around here...""

Sally Prin appears as a pet in Dream House Days.

Dungeon VillageEdit

Aliases: Princess Prin

Rather than being a character, both she and Kairobot appear as possible jobs. When an adventurer uses the "Princess Prin" job, they then appear as Sally Prin.


Appear as a Power Ally, and is unlocked by clearing all the map. She is carried over when you start a new game. She has a very high damage output, and gains Info Data quickly.

High Sea SagaEdit

Sally Prin has her own shop where she trades various items for other items.
Appears as the "Robot" job (for Female characters), after mastering a lot of jobs.

Mega Mall StoryEdit

Quote: "Hello. Remember me from somewhere? I just love knitting. One of my knitting friends told me about your wonderful mall, so I decided to pay it a visit. I'm thinking about submitting some mall-themed creations of mine for your next exhibition. Well, goodbye."

Appears as customer No. 83.

Oh! Edo TownsEdit

She appears as a member of the "Kairobot's Journey" traveling group.

Pocket AcademyEdit

Sally Prin is one of the last special unlockable teachers.

Pocket ClothierEdit

Sally Prin shows up as a customer once the player has acquired the Gold Vase Trophy.

Pocket League StoryEdit

Sally Prin Sunda - Pocket League Story

Sally Sundas sponsor

She appears as both an investor and a player.

Pocket League Story 2Edit

She appears as:

  • An unlockable player - Sally Prin.
  • An unlockable coach - Sally Prin.
  • A sponsor - Investor.
  • A player or full team of rival teams.

Pocket HarvestEdit

Sally Prin appears as livestock that produces the Sally Prin Doll.

The PyraplexEdit

Last character from Kairo Island.

Gallery Edit

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