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Sales commands are a very versatile set of commands that are unlocked after buying the Add Sales

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Commands from Pumpkin Shop. They are accessed by clicking the bottom-left button. This will switch the standard menu commands to sales commands. Sales commands consist of 4 commands. They are:

  • Produce (Make Super Dough). Cost 1 Medal each to use. This command will speed up the production in the kitchen (by creating the super dough), allowing it to produce at a much higher speed for a few seconds. This command is useful when the store really needs a not so urgent fresh batch of freshly baked products. Alternatively, as products created by the super dough are glowing, they confer a temporary boost to the Volume, Taste, Aroma or Price of the product(s) when sold to the customer; the actual stats are unaffected otherwise.
  • Invite (Call In Passerby). Cost 1 Medal for each use. This command will instantly call a customer that will always visit the shop. One use of each command will call one customer only. Very useful if the store has a lot of unpopular products at the same time, and crucial for the Recipe Lab.
  • Stock (All Shelves +1 Stock). Cost 3 Medals for each use. A very versatile command to use during peak hours. This command will instantly stock each shelving unit with one product. Most useful if the kitchen can't keep up providing a fresh batch of products to the storefront or if store front's staff is too busy/too slow to refill the shelves.
  • Service (Satisfaction Up/Free Coffee). Cost 5 medals for each use. This command boosts customer satisfaction. It can be used to level up customers and obtain their gifts at levels 2, 5, 10, and 30. When you use the service command, the cashier will give a coffee to the next customer dining in. After eating their sweets, the customer will receive a bonus of 5 or 20 points, as denoted by a small red or large flashing music note, respectively. On Wednesdays, the service command yields two cups of coffee for two customers.
    Usage tips: First, memorize the customers you want to boost. When they enter the shop and approach the counter, prepare to use the command. As soon as a plate appears beneath their first sweet, push the button. A cup of coffee will appear on their tray. They will drink it after eating their tower of sweets and receive a bonus. If there are no open seats, a customer's purchase will be gift wrapped. These customers will not take coffee, so the bonus will be given to the next person to dine in.
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