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Residents are the life's blood of your town, as they make you money, and help you unlock new structures. Residents can also unlock new jobs, which can then potentially be switched to by any resident to get more money (and you more rent), and can allow the resident in question to get a new house.

When residents travel, they always travel from their home, to their target destination, and then back home again. They never stop at more than one location after leaving home. While every resident has a set distance they can travel, this distance can be increased when a resident purchases a mode of transport.

Name Stats Unlock Name Pun
Steven Smith
Kairobot Special Combo and Star Combo None - Kairosoft's mascot
Chimpan Z H. Springs Combo Chimpanzee
Huck Redman 5 Adventurers Chuck Redman (former US diplomat)
King Ackbar Business Combo, Shopping Combo None - a recurring character
Bearington Have Nature Combo Bear
Kairo Zoft Kairosoft
Jimmy Panda Kids Combo? JImmy Fallon (comedian)
Lol Katz Ghost Combo? References the widespread cultural meme, Lolcat
Jenny Ration Generation
Wairobot Have 10 Politicians + ? None - a recurring character
Sally Prin None - a recurring character
Pumpkin P. Have 3 Investors None - a recurring character
Secretary 1st place at land price ranking None - a recurring character
Ariane Hearn Ariane Fern (a type of plant)
Vlad Sputin Vladimir Putin (Russian President)
Vince Balboa actor
Jimmy Spitz Jimmy Smits (actor)
Tori Felling Tori Spelling (actress)
Bag E. Pantz Baggy pants
Bubba Morgan band
Bleu Lake Blue Lake
Ray Ving Ving Rhames (actor)
Polly Sigh Poly Sci (Abbreviation of Political Science)
Marla Sharp maybe a chef
Tom Thomas artist
Wayne Bruce Bruce Wayne, alter ego of DC super hero Batman
Ben Parker Spider Man's uncle.
Bob Harley Bob Marley (reggae artist)
Claire Lune Clair de Lune (classical music)
Honey Badger Honey Badger / Honey Badger Don't Care meme
Sandy Claus Santa Claus
Butch Pitt Brad Pitt
Ham Burger Hamburger
Tim Hanks Tom Hanks
Peaches Frum clothes brand
Stella Gomez Selena Gomez (singer)
Tim Pickers
May Bee "Maybe", c
Dave Beck David Beckham (soccer player)
Blacky Sheep "Black sheep"
Hope Jackson
Marie Lurie Marie Curie
Pam Daily
Jan Plummer
Hana Body
Pearl Mack
Mandy Sutter
Kris Joplin
Jon Gruber
Jay Hooks
Bill Naiman Bill Nye the Science Guy
Willie Hays Willie Mays (baseball player)
Cindy Gray
Gil Bates Bill Gates
Mark Sans
Rand Tally
Gore Midal Gore Vidal (writer)
Yan Torvald
May Kidman
Alice Bee
Dick Mays
Lindsay Long Lindsay Lohan (actress)
Caps Lockter Caps lock
Pat Zimmer
Sneezy Hays
Betsy Fay
Cletus Munn
Ken Hays
Koala Lumper Kuala Lumpur (city)
Kent Dellan
Jerry Sein Jerry Seinfeld (comedian)
Chris Hong
Andy Mays
Tray Crock
Pierre Gray
James Tam
Max Clay
Mabel Smith
Ann Yuill Annual
Linlin Ling
Mic Jackson Michael Jackson
Serena Lam
Festus Kay
Jim Franks
Tiger Hoods Tiger Woods
Don Ronson Don Johnson (actor)
Mindy Mays
Nigel Bunt
Ronald Day silicon combo? Ronaldo
Mocha Latte Mocha latte