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Residents can be found on Islands that you is explore. Residents are NPCs that collect resources near their homes. Some NPCs can remodel the house without any preference,but have NPCs with preferences.


After certain conditions are met, you have the choice to help a resident remodel. Most residents have a special remodeling available to them shortly after they have lived in their home. However, most residents have the option to follow the "normal" remodeling path after certain conditions are met, which goes from: Person's Home > Wooden House > House > Mansion.


These are all residents you can free or meet during Beastie Bays gameplay.

Resident Found at House remodels into Notes
Robin (Beastie Bay) Robin
Initially Available
Normal remodels only Represents the player, and explores/leads your allies.
PPumpkin (Beastie Bay) P. Pumpkin Rich Plateau on Sunny Isle Pumpkin Products Pumpkin Products buys and sells items
YoungChimpan (Beastie Bay) Young Chimpan the dock of Sunny Isle Research Lab Research lab is for researching new things
SteveJibs (Beastie Bay) Steve Jibs Hot Spring Hills on Carre Isle Wood Shop
MaySalvage (Beastie Bay) May Salvage Wide Plateau on Metro Isle after sickling tall grass Restaurant
EllaWhit (Beastie Bay) Ella Whit Babbling Forest on Sunny Isle Restaurant
JacquesBleu (Beastie Bay) Jacques Bleu Damp Cave on Sunny Isle after smashing a rock Gift Shop
GrizzlyBearington (Beastie Bay) Grizzly Bearington Deserted Quarter on Tiny Isle Ally Agency Ally Agency lets you hire allies.
DrSobakasu (Beastie Bay) Dr. Sobakasu Frozen Mountains'" on '"Chilly Isle Clinic
WairobotR (Beastie Bay) Wairobot Blistering Hills on Desert Isle Wairo Inc Wairo Inc sells Level/Slot Scrolls, etc
JohnHilton (Beastie Bay) John Hilton Sunny Isle Normal remodels only
DrTakahashi (Beastie Bay) Dr. Takashi Desolate Island on Sunny Isle Clinic
JamesDuggin (Beastie Bay) James Duggin Cool Cave on Sunny Isle Wood Shop

In-Game QuotesEdit

Thank you for saving me! I'm a carpenter, and was sawing down a tree when it trapped me underneath it. Please let me come to your island to live. I must do something to repay my debt to you. Please... Would you give me a place to live?
— Steve Jibs
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