Shiny Ski Resort Guide

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Unlock 3rd Research Slot: 20x Research?

Unlock 4th Research Slot: 50x Research

Unlock 5th Research Slot: Rank 8

There are 114 unique researches below, and the achievement requires you to research 120x. This excludes the Snowman researches but includes the repeated Mogul Course, Illumination, Kicker, and Ski-Jump researches in one game. Each counts as one extra research. There's an extra Illumination and Ski-Jump research and 2 extra Mogul Course and Ski-Jump each, totalling 6.

Hotel ExpansionEdit

Hotel Expansion (1) need at least 5 requirement: [Confirm]

  1. Popularity 150+
  2. 21 of Base/Facility/Environ. Structures(including Lobby/Ticket Machine/Rental Shop)(carpet and Course Structure are not counting)
  3. some wood Material(If you don't have wood it don't trigger event)
  4. After Y 1 M 12, 12:00
  5. Time, if it's at night it'll not trigger until noon after that it can trigger when you meet 1. to 4. requirement


No. Name Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Cost Unlocked
1 Auto-Vendor 2x Iron
Initially Available
2 Flowers 5x Sand
Initially Available
3 Floodlight 18,000G
Initially Available
4 Illumination 2x Lightbulb 4x Snow
Initially Available
5 Tour Group 1x Survey Form Build a comment box
6 Hotel Expansion (1) 10x Wood 10,000G
7 Stove 5x Charcoal
8 Comment Box 2x Wood Sign sponsorship with Dream Tours
9 Snowman 15x Snow 3x Branch Y1M1?, 3 per research
10 Town Developers (1) 100,000G Rank Up to 2 (Add 1 land developer)
11 Snowbell 2x Iron 5x Boulder Sign sponsorship with Ski Club
12 Footbath 5x Wood 1x Geyser
13 Hotel Expansion (2) 30x Wood 30,000G
14 Leafy Potted Plant 5x Sand
15 Potted Tree 5x Sand
16 Potted Palm 5x Survey Form 10x Sand Research Leafy Potted Plant and Potted Tree?
17 Mallet Game 5x Survey Form 2x Iron
18 Hotel Expansion (3) 60x Wood 90,000G
19 Skiing Vacation 5x Survey Form 50% Dream Tours?
20 Spacious Room 5x Timber 5x Survey Form Sign sponsorship with G'Night Beds
21 Chainsaw 200,000G Rank Up to 3?
22 Fan 5x Survey Form 5x Iron Y1M7 (First Summer)
23 Hotel Expansion (4) 90x Wood 300,000G
24 Crepe Shop 5x Timber 5x Wheat Flour 50% School Ski Club
25 Mini Gym 10x Iron 5x Timber
26 Gift Shop 5x Timber 5x Survey Form
27 Medium Gym 3x Stryofoam 5x Metal Alloy
28 Ladies' Day 15x Survey Form 50% G'Night Beds
29 Mogul Course 30x Snow 4x Iron (2x each research)
30 Arcade Game 10x Survey Form 4x Iron 100% School Ski Club
31 Snowboard Rental 20x Survey Form
32 Sled Rental 20x Survey Form
33 Duck Statue 30x Snow 5x Stone
34 Hotel Expansion (5) 120x Wood 800,000G
35 Large Gym 6x Stryofoam 10x Metal Alloy
36 Skiing School 3x Wood Panel 3x Carbon Fibre
37 Skiing Academy 3x Stryofoam 3x Glass Fiber 3x Timber
38 Upgrader 20x Wood 2x Iron Win first contest
39 Ski Research Lv1 3x Carbon Fibre Sign sponsorship with Skis & More Store
40 Cheery Plant 5x Boulder 3x Pure Water 100% G'Night Beds?
41 Deluxe Room 5x Timber 5x Guests File At least unlock Guests File?
42 Flan Statue 30x Snow 5x Stone Old Box from Develop
43 Board Research Lv1 3x Metal Alloy Sign sponsorship with SNO-Board Superstore
44 Rose Pot 5x Sand 5x Pure Water Build Deluxe Room?
45 Fountain 15x Pure Water 5x Stone Build Deluxe Room?
46 Ski Research Lv2 3x Duralumin 50% Skis & More Store
47 Dark Bean Cafe 5x Timber 3x Coffee Beans
48 Rock Crushers 400,000G Rank up to 5
49 Town Developers (2) 300,000G Rank up to 5
50 Sled Research Lv1 3x Glass Fiber Sign sponsorship with Outdoors Generation
51 Cafe Table 5x Wood Research Dark Bean Cafe
52 Board Research Lv2 3x Wood Panel 50% SNO-Board Superstore
53 Ski Research Lv3 3x Carbon Fibre 3x Wood Panel 100% Skis & More Store
54 Lobby Table 10x Survey Form
55 Sled Research Lv2 3x Stryofoam 50% Outdoors Generation
56 Dining Table 3x Wood Panel Research Lobby Table
57 Hot Spring Bath 10x Wood 10x Timber 1x Geyser 40% Development
58 Large Hot Spring 10x Timber 10x Stone 3x Geyser Research Hot Spring Bath
59 Board Research Lv3 3x Duralumin 3x Glass Fiber 100% SNO-Board Superstore
60 Kicker 30x Snow 30x Sand (Makes 1x Kicker)
61 Sled Research Lv3 3x Glass Fibre 3x Wood Panel 100% Outdoors Generation
62 Chicken Coop 10x Fodder 5x Timber Sign Sponsorship with Clover Farms
63 Curry House 10x Top-Shelf Tins 5x Guests File
64 Claw Machine 10x Survey Form 5x Iron
65 Penguin Statue 30x Snow 5x Stone
66 Kit Research Lv1 2x Guests File Sign Sponsorship with Polar Bear Fashion
67 Buffet 5x Wood 5x Top-Shelf Tins 50% Travel Mag Publisher
68 Big Gift Shop 10x Timber 5x Guests File
69 Hotel Expansion (6) 150x Wood 1,600,000G
70 Sheep Barn 10x Fodder 10x Timber 50% Clover Farm
71 Kit Research Lv2 2x Guests File 5x Wool 50% Polar Bear Fashion
72 Photo Booth 15x Photo 5x Wood Panel
73 Massage Salon 5x Wood 3x Stryofoam
74 Piggy Statue 30x Snow 5x Stone
75 Hand Statue 30x Snow 5x Stone Old Box from Develop
76 Offering Box 4x Wood Panel Sign sponsorship with Sakura Shrine
77 Kit Research Lv3 5x Guests File 10x Wool 100% Polar Bear Fashion
78 Eat Wild Shop 15x Fern Shoots 15x Butterbur Sign sponsorship with Bear's Den
79 Ice Palace 30x Ice
80 Cow Barn 10x Fodder 20x Timber 100% Clover Farm
81 Large Snowman 2x Charcoal 3x Branch 15x Snow Sign sponsorship with Snowman Protection Club
82 Heated Pool 10x Stryofoam 10x Stone 1x Geyser
83 Shower Room 5x Stryofoam 3x Stone 5x Pure Water
84 Smithy 15x Iron 5x Stone 50% Sakura Shrine
85 Large Fireplace 10x Stone 20x Charcoal
86 Penguin House ? ? 95% Develop?
87 Dragon Statue 30x Snow 5x Stone 50% Snowman Protection Club
88 Shrine 15x Timber 10x Stone 100% Sakura Shrine
89 Veggie Planter 5x Sand 5x Pure Water Sign sponsorship with Agricultural Services
90 Assembly Point 3x Wood Panel
91 Barrel 20x Wood 100% Bear's Den
92 Flower Barrel 20x Wood 5x Sand 5x Pure Water 100% Bear's Den
93 Ski-Jump 40x Snow 30x Sand
94 Snowman Display 60x Snow 10x Stryofoam 100% Snowman Protection Club
95 Sledding Sack 5x Sand 5x Vegetables 50% Agricultural Services
96 Vineyard & Mill 5x Wood Panel 20x Sand 5x Pure Water 100% Agricultural Services
97 Kids' Play Area 5x Stryofoam Sign sponsorship with Santa Claus
98 Seniors' Ski Holidays 3x Resort Guide
99 Mountain Shelter 20x Snow 20x Wildflowers Sign Sponsorship with Yeti Squad
100 Weather Radar 10x Metal Alloy Sign Sponsorship with Big Eyes Observatory
101 Kiddies' Day 2x Resort Guide 50% Santa Claus
102 Log Cabin 20x Wood
103 Paperbot 4x Metal Alloy 4x Duralumin 1x Resort Guide 50% Big Eyes Observatory
104 Large Fir 1x Wood 1x Star Piece 10x Glass Fiber 100% Santa Claus
105 Y-Squad Hat 5x Wood 20x Wildflowers 5x Fruit 50% Yeti Squad
106 Observatory 10x Metal Alloy 20x Timber 100% Big Eyes Observatory
107 Yeti Kit 1x Branch 1x Glass Fiber 1x Banana 100% Yeti Squad
108 Town Renewal 5x Resort Guide
109 Bonsai 5x Sand 5x Pure Water 10x Stone
110 Large Bonsai 10x Sand 10x Pure Water 20x Stone Research Bonsa
111 Train Schedule 20x Guests File 3x Resorts Guide 50% Town Mayor
112 Audio Player 1x Wood Panel 2x Iron Y6M9 9:00
113 Broadcast Tower 10x Metal Alloy 5x Resort Guide 100% Town Mayor
114 Ramen Shop x10 Top-Shelf Tins x5 Guests File x5 Pure Water 7Yr 5Mn 10:00
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