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General InformationEdit

  • You can research recipes for stores that you currently control.
  • You cannot research recipes for stores that are in Auto Pilot.
  • If you want to research a product, let's take Choco Bun as example, go to Menu - Manage - Research - Bakery - Croissant - Bread History - Sweetener - Start.

All StoresEdit

Result Product Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
Soda Sports Drink Sweetener Sweetener
Coffee Drink Soda Juice Journal Grain Eggs & Milk

Game StoreEdit

Result Product Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
Adventure Game Guide Game Lore Picture Book
Sports Game Party Game Game Lore Sports DVD
Used Game Puzzle Game Game Lore Antiques Guide
Exodus IES Game Lore Game cartridge
Game Kid Super IES Game Lore USB Drive Antiques Guide
Game-Box Admiral 64 Game Lore CD Case
Microx 480 Dreamlast Game Lore E-money Card
Jupiter 512 PlayStatus 2 Game Lore Wi-Fi Card Picture Book

Burger BarEdit

Result Product Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
Veggie Burger Hamburger Recipe Book Vegetables
Fries (L) Fries (M) Recipe Book Salad Oil Vegetables
Onion Rings Fries (S) Seasonings Salad Oil Vegetables
Cheese Dog Hot Dog Recipe Book Eggs & Milk Grain
Jumbo Chicken Chicken Bites Recipe Book Meat Salad Oil
Choco Donut Donut Bakery Journal Sweetener Grain
Pancakes Hot Biscuits Bakery Journal Grain Eggs & Milk
Choco Pie Apple Pie Sweetener Grain Eggs & Milk
Fizzy Juice Veggie Juice Juice Journal Sweetener
Veggie Juice Coffee Juice Journal Bakery Journal Vegetables


Result Product Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
Casual Jacket Bespoke Top Adv. Sewing
Lace Tunic Blouse Adv. Sewing Soft Cloth
Fur Coat Long Dress Style Journal Bright Cloth Leather
Culottes Shorts Adv. Sewing Soft Cloth
Bright Dress Tight Skirt Strong Cloth
Flowing Gown Dress Adv. Sewing Soft Cloth Bright Cloth
Pumps Necklace Style Journal Bright Cloth Waterproofing
Collared Top Check Shirt Adv. Sewing Strong Cloth
Vest Border Shirt Adv. Sewing Strong Cloth
Zip-Up Jacket Jacket Adv. Sewing Strong Cloth Rare Metals
Jeans L. Jacket Adv. Sewing Denim
Fancy Slacks Chinos Style Journal Strong Cloth Cool Cloth
Underwear Check Shorts Adv. Sewing Leather
Luxury Watch Watch Style Journal Rare Metals Waterproofing
Stole Knit Hat Adv. Sewing Cool Cloth
Fancy Shoes Sneakers Style Journal Waterproofing


Result Product Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
Photo Book Weekly Mags Book Sales Celeb Photo
Kids Books Boys Comics Book Sales Kid's Sketch
Field Guides Dictionaries Book Sales Sticky Notes Paper
Sports Books Fashion Mags Book Sales Old Notebook
Trains/Models Teen Mags Book Sales Timetable
Manuals Chess Book Sales Gift Wrap Sticky Notes
Classics Study Aids Book Sales Parchment Gift Wrap

Noodle BarEdit

Result Product Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
Champon Ramen (Red Bowl) Asian Cooking Seasonings Vegetables
Dip Noodles Miso Ramen Ramen Journal Seafood Grain
Chow Mein Yakisoba Asian Cooking Vegetables Seasonings
Special Rice Yakisoba Asian Cooking Salad Oil Grain
Egg Rolls Ramen (White Plate) Ramen Journal Grain Eggs & Milk
Fried Tofu Chili Shrimp Ramen Journal Hot Spices Grain
Crab Rangoon Special Rice Ramen Journal Seafood Seasonings
Peking Duck Potstickers Ramen Journal Meat
Potstickers Snacks Asian Cooking Grain
Hot/Sour Soup Egg Drop Soup Asian Cooking Seafood
Almond Jelly Soup Asian Cooking Sweetener


Result Product Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
Glazed Donut Baguettes Adv. Baking Fruit Basket
Curry Bun Wiener Roll Adv. Baking Hot Spices
Choco Bun Croissant Bread history Sweetener
Cream Bun White Bread Adv. Baking Sweetener
French Toast Sliced Bread Adv. Baking Eggs & Milk
Choco Twist Croissant Bread History Sweetener Grain
Egg Sandwich Butter Roll Adv. Baking Eggs & Milk Seasonings
Jelly Donut Pizza Bun Bread History Vegetables
Calzone Pizza Bun Bread History Meat Eggs & Milk
Cinnamon Roll Jelly Roll Adv. Baking Sweetener Seasonings
Cheese Roll Cheesy Bun Bread History Eggs & Milk
Sourdough Baguettes Adv. Baking Grain Seasonings
Quiche Wiener Roll Bread History Eggs & Milk Vegetables
Mixed Juice Juice Box Juice Journal Fruit Basket
Bear Bun Bagel Bread History Sweetener
Cat Bun Bacon Wrap Bread History Seafood
Snowman Bun Danish Bread History Hot Spices

Street StandsEdit

Result Product Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
Yakisoba (L) Beef Yakisoba Street Cooking Meat Grain
Game Prize Toy Prize Street Journal Game cartridge
Music Prize Celeb Prize Street Journal USB Drive
Used Electr. Used Toys Street Journal Rare metals
Antiques Used Mags Street Journal History Info
Indian Curry Curry Rice Street Cooking Hot Spices
Curry Soup Cutlet Curry Street Journal Hot Spices Vegetables
Melon Ice Blue Hawaiian Street Journal Fruit Basket Sweetener
Tuna Crepe Berry Crepe Street Cooking Seafood Vegetables
Juice Crepe Juice Journal Sweetener
Big Takoyaki Ham Takoyaki Street Cooking Grain Seafood
Mixed BBQ Fish Hotpot Street Cooking Meat Vegetables
Jumbo Frank Hot Dog Street Journal Meat Grain


Result Product Item 1 Item 2 Item 3
Mummy Ancient Vase Museum Journal Atlas
Pharaoh Haniwa Figure Museum Journal History Info
Goddess Icon Celeb Statue Museum Journal Travel Book
Dragon Statue Pig Statue Museum Journal Ancient Info
Kairobot Icon Dragon Statue Rare Metals Future Info Game Cartridge
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