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Research allows you to unlock new items, increase the maximum amount of some structures, as well as unlocking certain structures.
Research Description Uses Unlock
Maritime Skills Develops a vehicle for crossing the ocean 1
Flight Technology Allows you to Travel via Hot Air Ballon 1 Explore Frozen Mountain on Chilly Isle
Transport Lets you carry support allies 1 Clear Deserted Quarter on Tiny Isle
Hammer Speeds up construction and smashes boulders 1 Find a boulder while exploring
Sickle Allows you to cut wild grass 1 Find wild grass while exploring
Shovel Needed for harvesting crops that grow in the soil 1 Find buried treasure while exploring
Cooking Expertise Use less food on expeditions 2 Gain 6 allies
Siesta Set Allows resting at "cozy spots" while exploring 1 Find a "cozy spot" while exploring
Watering Can Allows you to increase the level of areas that can be explored 1 Find an artifact while exploring
Axe Allows you to cut down tree obsticles 1 Find a tree while exploring
Island Amenities Desk chairs allowing for relaxing and breaks 2
Tourism Prep Unlocks tourist facilities 2 Clear Cherry Forest on Carre Isle
Campground Allows tourists to stay overnight 1 Clear Watermill Peaks on Carre Isle
Forestry Increases max number of lumber-mills Run low on lumber
Farm FieldsIncreases max number of farm fieldsRun low on food
OrchardsIncreases max number of orchardsClear Frozen Mountain on Chilly Isle
GrassAllows building of grassy plots1Clear Hot Springs Hills on Carre Isle
FlowersAllows building of flower fields1Clear Ice Floe Cape on Chilly Isle
BridgesAllows building of bridges1Clear Blizzard Forest on Chilly Isle
GravelAllows building of gravel plots1Clear Power Lab on Volcanic Isle
Thermal Power Increases max number of thermal generators Clear Active Volcano on Volcanic Isle
Hot Spring Gain 1 hot spring chip 1 Clear Steamy Plains on Volcanic Isle
Electric Power Increases max number of power generators Clear Quite Waterfall on Tiny Isle
Solar Power Increases max number of solar panels Clear Sirocco Plains on Desert Isle
Next Gen Generator Increases max number of next gen generators Clear Fortress of Mystery Master Course on Coliseum Isle
Lumber Storage Increases max number of lumber sheds 6 Reach maximum lumber stored
Food Storage Increases max number of food sheds 6 Reach maximum food stored
Retirement Prep Increases number of schools 5 Gain 15 allies
Potent Book Creates equippable tomes and 4 Find while exploring
Ancient BookCreates equipable tomes and codices 4 Find while exploring
Tattered Tome Creates equipable tomes and codices 4 Finish Legendary Pass on Sunny Isle 
Mysterious Book Creates equipable tomes and codices 1 Clear Wild Jungle on Enigma Isle
Revival Potion Recipe for medicine that can revive the wounded Build a research facility
Beast Bait Recipe for beast bait Build a research facility
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