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This page is about characters that show up in multiple games, such as Kairobot. They are often obtainable later in the game. Other times they aren't obtainable characters, but can appear as side characters / simply make an appearance (these will be listed).

Iconic Characters[]

These usually appear at the "end game", and often have superior stats to others characters in the game. Many of these also show up on various official artwork and merchandise.



The offical Kairosoft mascot, he shows up in many games, sometimes in multiple roles. There are different types of kairobots, such as mini versions in Kairobotica.
Sally Prin.png

Sally Prin

Sally Prin appears to be a female version of Kairobot, and is often the last, or one of the last, special characters in a game to be unlocked. Unlike Kairobot or Wairobot, her name doesn't end in "bot".


Not much is known about Wairobot but due to its name, it might be an enemy of the Kairobot. Similar to how Kairobot has a "K" on his chest, Wairobot is often portrayed with a "W" on his chest.
Pumpkin Products.png

Pumpkin Products

Shows up in many games, often selling items, combos, building plans, or selling/buying something else. He sometimes operates a shop (visual or non), or other times visits you on an annual basis.
King Ackbar.png

King Ackbar

King Ackbar is often associated with an oil business in Kairosoft games. He claims in Game Dev Story to have a love for video games. His name is thought to be a pun on Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars.
Grizzly Bearington.png

Grizzly Bearington

Grizzly Bearington (pun on grizzly bear) is an anthropomorphic bear that makes appearances in multiple games. He often works in construction, appearing to offer to expand your store for a large sum of money.
Chimpan Z.png

Chimpan Z

Chimpan Z (pun on Chimpanzee) is a reoccurring playable character in many of Kairosoft's games.
Mister X.png

Mister X

Mister X appears in a few games in what appears to be a wrestler's mask. Unlike other special characters who often have a very similar design across games, other than his mask Mister X rarely has the same appearance.


Often playing the role as an assistant, she is found across various games and official artwork.

Recurring Character Designs[]



The ninja is distinguishable due to his black/dark blue ninja suit.




The ghost has an appearance that is stereotypical of anime ghosts haunting a school or shrine.










Pink rabbit.png

Pink rabbit

Western King.png

Western king

Sandy Claus.png

Sandy Claus



Pop Singer.png

Pop Singer

A pink haired female with two pony tails on either side of her head.
Tuxy (March to a Million).png


Kairowoof (March to a Million).png


Recurring Character Names[]

While some characters don't have a similar design across games, some names recur on occasion.

Recurring Enemies / Monsters[]

Recurring "characters" that are typically enemies. There appear to be 2 generations of enemies the first (Epic Astro Story, Kairobotica) and a second more diverse group (Beastie Bay, High Sea Saga). Sometimes even normal recurring characters appear as enemies / monsters.

Common/Iconic Enemies
Img Name Appearances
Metabok (High Sea Saga).gif Metabok Epic Astro Story, Kairobotica, High Sea Saga (#2), Beastie Bay (#11), Bonbon Cakery (Truck Sales's customer)
Wairobot Beastie Bay, Kairobotica
Mochiporin (Beastie Bay).png
Mochiporin Beastie Bay (#78), Kairobotica, Skyforce Unite!
Octopi - Epic Astro Story.png
Octopi Epic Astro Story, Pocket League Story, Station Manager
A few appearances
Img Name Appearances
Duck Pocket Academy (loading screen)
Kappataro (High Sea Saga).gif Kappa / Kappataro / Kappton Beastie Bay (#91), High Sea Saga (#42), Kairobotica (Name of last place on Oceana; "Kappa Kingdom"), Dungeon Village (Kappton), Station Manager (loading screen)
Molezo Beastie Bay, Pocket Academy (loading screen)


  • Recurring characters (especially Iconic ones) often make a Cameo in games, appearing as background characters.

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