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Quests of all types have two things in common: they have a cost, and some of your adventurers (up to 9) may join the quest. If you wish to recruit more adventurers, you may recruit them at an additional cost (up to 9 total). Although only 9 may join the quest, adventurers may join in on the attack on the field at no additional cost, with the exception of dungeons. After a quest is completed, you receive a specific number of popularity based on the difficulty of the quest.

While you can have up to three quests available at any given time, you may only have one active quest in progress at a time.

All monster groups and boss monsters drop chests. Chests may be more commonly found in dungeons in varying number. Red Chests hold consumable items that can be given to adventurers, upgrade buildings, or simply sell for extra gold. Blue chest-dungeon village Blue Chests hold equipment, which gives you one free weapon, armor 1, armor 2, or accessory to give to an adventurer. This also unlocks the ability to buy the item as a present to give to adventurers, as lets the equipment be bought by adventurers from the appropriate shop. Blue chest-dungeon village Blue Chests are the only way to unlock equipment, though some new adventurers may come to your town with equipped with a weapon that you have not yet obtained, thus unlocking that item.

Exploring a DungeonEdit

Before exploring a dungeon you see not only the cost, but also how many chests are in the dungeon. The chest count isn't always accurate; sometimes the entire dungeon will be filled with monsters with only one chest. While a dungeon is in progress a bar will appear on the bottom of the screen showing the adventurers, chests, and monsters and their positions within the dungeon. There is also a small progress window, showing what percentage of the dungeon has been completed.

Dungeon TypesEdit

  • Cave Exploration
  • Grotto
  • Cave
  • Old Palace Exploration
  • Enigmatic Tower / Tower Exploration
  • Ancient (??) Ruins
  • Stone Statue
  • Yawning Cave / Deep Cave Exploration
  • Haunted Spot Exploration
  • Swamp Exploration
  • Volcano
  • ...and many others

Groups of monsters appearingEdit

Many different monster types may appear from these quest spawns to fight your adventurers.

Here are the following:

  1. Defeat The Monster Army
  2. Defeat The Monster Party
  3. Defeat The Monster Team
  4. Fight Monster Union
  5. Fight Monster Alliance
  6. Fight The Monster Mob

Boss MonstersEdit

Like other quests, you have to pay for the event as well as recruit players; however, the longer you don't beat the rampaging monster, the more popularity your town loses in increments of 10. This is true whether the quest has been started or not. They will be fought again and again. Example: Fight Draggo2

  1. Fight Draggo
  2. Fight Dragga
  3. Fight Dragtoise
  4. Fight Dragtwins
  5. Fight Magic
  6. Dragofsky (or Fight Dragofsky)
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