Many games have a merchant, sometimes called Pumpkin P., who shows up as the owner of Pumpkin Products. Pumpkin wears a hat that looks like the top of a pumpkin. He usually sells common items, although it's not uncommon that he'll trade you money or plans for your rare currencies. When the game doesn't support this kind of mechanic, he may appear in another financial role, such as that of a sponsor.

Beastie BayEdit

Aliases: P. Pumpkin
In Beastie Bay, Pumpkin Products sells every available item except for super alloy weapons, precious ores, the Kairobeam, grenades, dynamite, scrolls, and certain tomes. The stock is limited at first but increases as investments are made with other islands' trading funds.

Bonbon CakeryEdit

Aliases: Honey Pumpkin
Sells recipe sets and premium items.

Also houses the Bearington remodeling service.

Cafeteria NipponicaEdit

Pumpkin Products sells ingredients.

Dream House DaysEdit

Pumpkin Products sells a variety of items which the player can purchase to supplement tenant or furnishing stats.

Dungeon VillageEdit

He buys and sells items and facilities.

Game Dev StoryEdit

Aliases: Salesman
Pumpkin Products sells items that can be used on an employee/employees for a range of effects.

Grand Prix StoryEdit

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Hot Springs StoryEdit

Is in charge of the store, which sells items that can be used to gain items, unlock structures, or increase the max amount of environmental structures.

Magazine MogulEdit

Same as Game Dev Story (sells items and boosters).

Mega Mall StoryEdit

Aliases: Pumpkin Products, Pumpkin 1
Appears as customer No. 87.

Ninja VillageEdit

Aliases: Kaboemon
Kaboemon - ninja village

Pumpkin Products sells items (Merchant).

Oh! Edo TownsEdit

Aliases: P-Taro
Leader of the "Pumpkin Products PR" tour.

Pocket ClothierEdit

Aliases: Financial Guru
Appears as a financial guru and tell you when items are trendy or if a manufacturer is up to something.

Pocket HarvestEdit

Appears to sell you investments.

Pocket League StoryEdit

Aliases: Pumpkin P.
A possible player for your team.

Pocket League Story 2Edit

Aliases: Pumpkin P
He sells items (Item Shop). He is also an unlockable player - Pumpkin P.

Pocket StablesEdit

Aliases: Sir Pumpkin
He will introduce a new race and if you win you will get a new Product or Land Expansion, and usually prize money up to 1.5K.

The Ramen Sensei 2Edit

He sells soup ingredients, noodle kansui and flour and toppings

The Sushi SpinneryEdit

Aliases: Pumpkin Consulting
Appears as Pumpkin Consulting. Through him you research new ingredients, abilities, and customer types.

Venture TownsEdit

At regular intervals, you get a message saying Pumpkin Products is in the neighbourhood. A few weeks later, he comes over to buy research points, giving in-game cash in return.

World Cruise StoryEdit

Aliases: Pumpkin P.


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