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Durability and power of allies increase as they level up.

No Name Ability Research From
1 Mini Kairobot Inflicts additional attacks. Gold Cardboard
2 Kairo Devil Steals items. Bat Wings.
3 Dapper Kairo Puts to sleep and awakens. Silk Hat
4 kPhone 5 Collects enemy info. Mobile Phone
5 Kairo Driller Combo attacks on one enemy. Old Tool
6 Kairo Ninja Swift multiple attacks. Shuriken.
7 Kairo Crystal Shields from attacks. Crystal.
8 Kairo Missile Boosts speed. Rocket
9 Kairo Tank Attacks all enemies. Firework
10 Dr. Kairo Expert in viruses and cures. Syringe
11 Kairoman Boosts attack power. Cheap Kerchief
12 Kairo Samurai Charges up for a big attack. Rusty Sword
13 Papa Kairo Restores HP. Pretty Table
14 King Kairo Repairs all rows. Crown
15 Kairovsky Restores auras. Fake Mustache
16 Kairo Express Enhances "Blitz" attack. Heavy Wheels
17 Geeky Kairobot Boosts intelligence. Thick Glasses
18 Swan Kairobot Boosts evasion rate. Swan Statue
19 Kairotaro Boosts capture rate. Samurai Wig
20 Kairo Angel Boosts EXP. Dove Wings
21 Sally Prin Uses special double slap. Clear all portals

. Transfers over to a new game once gotten, even if she was obtained after Y 16 M 4 W 1.

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