The Pop Singer is a reoccurring character who is usually someone who you get either earlier in the game or mid-game she usually has high stats. She resembles a "stereotypical" design of an anime-styled pop singer, and has a passing resemblance as a pink equivalent of Hatsune Miku.

She is recognized by her two pink pony tails coming from both sides.

Grand Prix StoryEdit

Aliases: Polly Pan

One of the possible starting drivers.

Hot Springs StoryEdit

Is one of the quests/targets that visits your hot spring, and is one of the highest valued targets.

Magazine MogulEdit

Aliases: Milky Jones

An unlockable staff.

Ninja VillageEdit

Aliases: Inuzuka
Pop Singer - ninja village

One of the very first villagers appears before you defeat the first clan in the game.

Pocket StablesEdit

Aliases: Pony Dogswood

An unlockable jockey.

The Sushi SpinneryEdit

Aliases: Momoe Kitagawa

A chef.

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