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Pocket League Story 2 is a game about managing a soccer/football team. It is a sequel to Pocket League Story. It is also possible to connect and play with friends


There are 2 types of skills: common skills and rare skills.


Between matches, your players may use facilities. As your players use facilities, you gain money and research points.


Sponsors pay you money each time you play a match. Additionally, when you sign with a new sponsor, you get a one-time money bonus.

You must convince businesses to sponsor you. It costs Hearts - pocket league story 2 or Coins - pocket league story 2 and to meet with a sponsor and it may take multiple meetings to convince them to sponsor you. The higher your fame or ranking, the easier it is to convince the sponsor.

Online MatchesEdit

For playing against friends, see Friend IDs (Pocket League Story 2).

Once you obtain a team rank of 2, your players are registered online and in your friend's games, and your player's data is updated as you play games against others.

Once your team obtains a rank of 5, you can compete against other players online. Each match consumes 1 stamina point (limiting your number of viable matches), and if you win you'll be rewarded with in-game bonuses, as well as a chance to make it onto the leader-boards.

Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.
  • Bug: When you play against Grizzlies of National Division II, if a player of Grizzlies is shown a yellow or red card, you'll see "Strickland #x (player's number) is shown a yellow/red card" instead of "Grizzlies #x is shown a yellow/red card" on the screen.
  • Bug: At the start of a new game, the coach introduces himself and says his name is Manly; however, the starting coach is always "Hartford L".
  • Cheat: More than one player can have the Captain skill at one time.
    1. Hire a normal player (not a Friend Player)
    2. Set the Captain skill for the hired player
    3. End Game or Transfer Data
    4. Start a new game
    5. Set the Captain skill on a player
    6. Hire the old player that had the Captain skill (make sure to hire after you set the skill on a new player).
    7. Now both the old and new player should have the Captain skill! You can repeat this multiple times, with potentially everyone on your team having the Captain skill.
  • Cheat: Free Coin
    • make sure you have the apk of the latest version and 10 friends in your friend list
    1. Save your game
    2. Open the title screen, at the bottom right corner select the game data share icon
    3. Select send game data
    4. Screenshot or write down the code
    5. Uninstall the game
    6. Install the apk again
    7. Select the game share button and then select receive game data, enter the code
    8. After loading is done, refresh your friends list and finally continue your game
    9. Walla you will be offered coins for making friends, you will get 90 free coins each time repeating the whole process

If you complete all match requirements for D league then you unlock A league. And World tournament


  • This is the first Kairosoft game that lets you connect and play against friends.

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