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Pocket Harvest is a farming game where you compete in different events.

[Now available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean!] - November 1, 2021








Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story.png Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.


  • Sometimes robot same as bug as sometimes they on the crop and sometimes they 'idle' on the empty terrain.


  • You can 'cancel' a cultivation of a crop when it fails just by reloading your previous save.
  • This goes the same for contests. You can save the game before you enter a crop for competition, and when you lose the competition, you could reload the previous save. (although this can save you from losing a competition/letting you choose another, you would lose up to 1 month's worth of gameplay if you don't use boosts)
  • You can earn money from investments - Dynamite - after the first time you use a dynamite, the next time you research the dynamite, it will give you money instead of requiring you to pay.
  • Let's say you built 2 Robot Houses. Then you bought 2 robots with type. When one of the robot is exploded, you may buy the new one with full health. This also give the full health to the remaining robot.


  • If a bug "eats" your unready (un-able to be harvested at the current stage of growth) crop, your crop will get a yield increase for the next harvest.
  • Typhoons always occur on the 4th week of a month.
  • A scarecrow is seen when the middle of the keypad is pressed.
  • Kairobot may appear on title screen for a while shortly after reaching endgame.
  • A chicken from livestock may visit nearby facilities.
  • The worker have static image but both bug and livestock have animated image.
  • Other than tourist, the worker may use structure too such Photo Panels.
  • Added "hidden" message/easter egg:

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