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Pocket Clothier is a business management game, where you must attract customers to your store, by having the best products, yet still cater to individual's needs.


Pocket Clothier is a standard Kairosoft game where you use use your initial resources to reap a profit which you then reinvest to reap a larger profit, ad infinitum. There are multiple interlocking gameplay elements to master, but at the base of it, you are selling clothing to customers using staff.


You begin the game with 6 clothing goods. To acquire more goods, you must purchase them from clothing companies with medals, a special currency that is harder to acquire than money. As the game goes on, you gain access to more and better goods.

Each piece of clothing has its own set of stats that can be modified using items. Clothing stats are further modified by the stats of the display they are placed on.


There are 64 customers that you can attract to your shop. Each is drawn to certain clothing items based on their own stats.


Staff are needed for the bare necessities of running the shop, such as ringing up purchases, but they are also useful in other ways. They have stats that can be raised and there are 20 skills in which they can be trained. You may get new staff candidate by completing request.



Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.


  • Reload cheat - You can use this method for different item crafting result.


  • When you try to use a item, you will receive a message tell you that you have no that item.


  • This is one of the few game's that doesn't have the default name of the store / town be "Sunny", and instead uses "Fancy Store".
  • The gameplay of Pocket Clothier is nearly similar to Fashion World (a Facebook game) that's developed by MetroGames.
  • You can't move the screen as you did on most Kairosoft's games but swipe.
  • The clothes data located in the right use the small people icon as seen in Epic Astro Story.
  • The medals may limit up to 999.

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