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This game is separate from Pocket Academy ZERO; please visit that page for correct info.

Pocket Academy is a game where you manage/build a school, go to sporting events, unlock new jobs, and watch the seasons go by. There are 3 grade years, and as a new year comes in, 3rd year students will graduate. How well you have equipped and guided them will determine whether they will succeed and have a good job.

School Rank[]

Rank Unlock Condition(s) Rewards
New Initially Available
Promising 5 Students
Developing 14 Students
1 kind of Pop Spot is built
Year 2
Major 18 Students
Year 4
Have 200 average grade points
3 kinds of Pop Spot are built
Panel Hall
Prestigious 20 Students
Year 6
Have 400 average grade points
6 kinds of Pop Spot are built
Legendary 28 Students
Year 20
Have 400 average grade points
16 kinds of Pop Spot are built
Won at least 8 different club competitions.
Lake Tiles


"Number of slopes" denotes the number of indestructible tiles that only paths can be built on, with "corners" being tiles that are indestructible and unbuildable. Slopes are needed to see the use of the "Skis" movement item.[Confirm]

# 1 2 3 4 5
Name Sunny Vale Normalville Lakeside Hill Valley Heavenly Hills
Notes Well is not obtainable. Well is not obtainable. Well is not obtainable.
Number of slopes (corners) 39 (20) 20 (4) 43 (6) 134 (45) 16 (8)
Initially Available Snack Store

Pig Rm

Bulletin Bd

Inst Shelt


Vending Rm

Wtr Fntn

Tennis Ct

Y1 Classroom

Main Gate

Teacher Rm


Gator Rm Stone Robot (it's recommended to destroy this due to the upkeep cost).


Teacher Info.png

Teachers are an important part of your school. When a teacher teaches in a class, the stats of students in that room may raise. Having 1 teacher for each classroom is preferable. You can only have 2 teacher rooms total, for a total of 8 teachers.

Career Paths[]

Careers are what your students strive to be after the graduate. While more difficult careers have a higher chance of a student failing to graduate, they often pay considerably more, of which you then get a bonus. Unlike other things in the game, there seem to be many ways to unlock different careers paths, possibly based on what map is chosen, or other criteria.

Couples/ Love[]

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Couples can be formed with any number of hearts between them, but chances increase a lot the higher the heart count. Students gain hearts as they do activities with other students, and increase faster in areas with high spirit (so these should be common if you want to form couples). Auras also increase the odds of a couple successfully forming when a student asks another out (thus it's wise to wait until a student has an aura before using a Cupid arrow-pocket academy.png Cupid arrow.

High spirit, very close friendship and high popularity of both students can also help form a couple.


Structures come in three types: Environment, Facilities, and Special. Special structures have a finite amount that can be placed at any one time, while environment and facility structures have an infinite amount that can be placed.

Some structures can only be unlocked on specific maps, and are in no way attainable on others.


Spots are an important aspect of your school as they can, especially when used together at once, greatly boost the effectiveness of your structures.


Items are special object that may be used on student to active a specific effect, with half of all items changing a stat, and the others forcing a specific change or event for the student.


Clubs helps students meet other students, go on group events, and are also a requirement to unlock the "legendary" rank.


Challenges are important in the long term term, as they increase the tuition gained by all students permanently. Some challenges you start out with, while other must be unlocked through specific criteria.


Events take place two time a year, with each season having different events. During an event, you pick a student to recruit people for that event, and then a month later host the event with the people that were recruited. Events are key in raising the range of potential student types and gaining research points. Rewards listed below are a 1-time effect.

  • Summer Event - Starts annually on Month 6 Week 1
  • Autumn Event - Starts annually on Month 11 Week 1

Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story.png Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.


  • The description for the gold statue says "a impressive bronze statue", which is also grammatically incorrect.
    • At year 30 and 50 when you are awarded additional statues, it refers to all of them as "bronze statues" despite the fact that two of them are gold.
  • If a student enters an area that can only be accessed with a boat / skis, they may occasionally get stuck, often until the semester ends (although occasionally they will get unstuck and go back). Creating a way for the student(s) to get back across the water will usually make them move again.
  • Your event organizer (for spring / autumn events) can receive an invitation for an event, causing them not to be at school.
    • They might also change their clothes right after you ask them to be the event organizer.
      • This means there is a possible chance that no students have changed and no one is ready to participate in the event.
  • When skating is unlocked, students can sometimes change into tracksuits and travel on water even when it is not winter. They will use skateboards (not skates) or sometimes even just walk across water.
  • Right after an event ends, female students who are wearing blue tracksuits may appear to be using movement items.
  • On ver 1.1.0, the first time a student triggers an aura after a special class, "special" in the dialogue will be misspelled as "specal".
  • On ver 1.1.0, when hiring a teacher, certain applicants such as Jim Payne will have their Japanese name along with their English name.
  • No matter which personality you choose for your named student, he or she will appear to be "average".
  • If you attempt to use a Devil Arrow on a student who does not have a boyfriend or girlfriend, the error message displays in Japanese.


  • If you fail a challenge, you can reload the game to reattempt it, as this game has no auto-save feature.
    • This also works for graduating students if they fail to get their chosen careers, though this is risky as other students may then fail their job on the second try.


  • If you look at some of the Japanese titles, there appears to be a "Pocket Academy 2". However, what we have in English as "Pocket Academy" is, in fact, Pocket Academy 2. Because Kairosoft never released the first installment in the English app market, they simply dropped the "2" for the English release.
  • In the same sprite sheet as the other 3 "Research point" images (Hum, Sci, PE), A Book-pocket academy.png forth image with the same background as the others is there. When looking at the localization text there's a line right under the names of the other three that says "Materials". So this icon may be an unreleased but planned fourth research point type.
  • You may change your school's outfit at any time by going to Menu > School > School Info > hit arrow to go to "School Info 2/3".
  • In some versions, the color of the hair of the students is brown or blonde.
  • Students run faster on sport-related facilities, such as the Track, when they have an aura.
  • You may earn the 1K or 0K money from new student or win from the contest, where 0K is for money less than $1,000.
  • KairobotAssistant, Chimpan Z, Duck & Molezo  appear on loading screen.

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