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Players are the backbone for the tennis club. They coach customers and enter matches to bring fame and money back for the club.

The game starts with 2 starting players, male and female. During creation, male player's type can be chosen from the basic 7 player types. His stat can also be adjusted. The same can be done for females if you chose that instead too. If you chose a male, a female will go on its default name and characteristics. The same also can happen if you chose a female, leaving the male with its default name and characteristics.

Additional players can be recruited via Club Activities. The tennis club can have at most 50 players at a single time.

Age and GenderEdit

Players can be categorized into 3 age categories. Icon - Junior Category (Tennis Club Story)Juniors, Icon - Normal Category (Tennis Club Story)Normals, and Icon - Senior Category (Tennis Club Story)Seniors. Player's gender can be determined by the color of his age icon. Male players will have blue blackground while female players will have red background.

Age and gender can determine whether the player can enter matches or not. Some matches only accepts of specific age category or gender.


There are 20 player types available in the game. Types usually determined how high a stat can be trained. Some types also has some hidden effect.

Player types are important in trainings. By training special combination of player types, training effects can be improved.

Icon Name Description Effect
Icon - Average (Tennis Club Story) Average All of their stats increase at about the same rate.
Icon - Hearty (Tennis Club Story) Hearty Increased Stamina during a match.
Icon - Technician (Tennis Club Story) Technician Emphasize techniques during the match.
Icon - Strong-Willed (Tennis Club Story) Strong-Willed Has high spirit, allowing further chance of winning.
Icon - Powerhouse (Tennis Club Story) Powerhouse Have an increased chance to hit back strong shots. (Hard Hitter Counter)
Icon - Speedster (Tennis Club Story) Speedster They reach the balls trajectory quicker than the average player.
Icon - Natural Coach (Tennis Club Story) Natural Coach They are good at instructing at the school.
Icon - Serve & Volley (Tennis Club Story) Serve & Volley Their serves are easy to develop, and they can immediately return balls sent their way.
Icon - Counter (Tennis Club Story) Counter They can cover a wide area and make use of opponent's smashes to hit back counter shots. But they may not be that great at coaching
Icon - Stubborn (Tennis Club Story) Stubborn They are resistant to the effects of Low Stamina. (Can play longer matches).
Icon - Hard Hitter (Tennis Club Story) Hard Hitter Their shots are strong and and deep. They force the opponent to stay glued to the court's baseline.
Icon - Defensive (Tennis Club Story) Defensive They can cover a wide area and wear down the opponent. Their stamina is their strong suit. Their stamina, spirit, and speed all increase quickly, but they may not have much coaching ability
Icon - Hot-Blooded (Tennis Club Story) Hot-Blooded They maybe able to trigger an aura easily.
Icon - Cold-Blooded (Tennis Club Story) Cold-Blooded They help reduce the opponent's motivation in a match.
Icon - All-Rounder (Tennis Club Story) All-Rounder Easier for all of their stats to increase.
Icon - Natural Leader (Tennis Club Story) Natural Leader Increased performance for himself and his partner when playing Doubles.
Icon - Clever (Tennis Club Story) Clever Increase Match XP.
Icon - World Class (Tennis Club Story) World Class All of their stats can rise to a World-Class level.
Icon - Superstar (Tennis Club Story) Superstar Drastically increased stats
Icon - Idol (Tennis Club Story) Idol Attracts extra members when doing Club Activities.


There are 2 category of stats in the game : physical stats and tennis stats.

Physical stats are the player's physical characteristics such as power, speed, stamina etc.
Stats that belong to these category :

  • Icon - Stamina Stat (Tennis Club Story)Stamina
  • Icon - Spirit Stat (Tennis Club Story)Spirit
  • Icon - Power Stat (Tennis Club Story)Power
  • Icon - Speed Stat (Tennis Club Story)Speed
  • Icon - Tech Stat (Tennis Club Story)Tech
  • Icon - Coach Stat (Tennis Club Story)Coach

These stats can be improved via training up to certain value. Further improvements can be done by wearing equipments. Consuming items will also increase these stats.

Another set of stats that every players have are the tennis stats. These stats refer to the tennis moves.
Stats that belongs to this category :

  • Icon - Flat Stat (Tennis Club Story)Flat
  • Icon - Topspin Stat (Tennis Club Story)Topspin
  • Icon - Slice Stat (Tennis Club Story)Slice
  • Icon - Drop shot Stat (Tennis Club Story)Drop shot
  • Icon - Lob Stat (Tennis Club Story)Lob
  • Icon - Serve Stat (Tennis Club Story)Serve

Unlike physical stats, these stats can't be improved via trainings. Nor can they be improved via consuming items. The only way to improve these stats is by equipping racket.

These stats are related to the chosen play tactic during the actual tennis match. Using tactic that uses a lot of tennis moves where its stats are highest will improve winning chance by a lot.


Additional players can be recruited via Club Activities. On recruitment, 2-5 random players are generated. They will have random types, categories and equipments. What types that will be available is determined by recruitment method used.

Name Cost Available Types Unlocked
Pamphlets (Tennis Club Story)
30Icon - Management Point (Tennis Club Story) Average
Natural Coach
Sample Lesson (Tennis Club Story)
Sample Lesson
45Icon - Management Point (Tennis Club Story) Pamphlets Recruitment Types + Stubborn, Defensive, Hard Hitter, Hot-Blooded, Cold-Blooded, All-Rounder, World Class Reach rank C level opponents
Online Ad (Tennis Club Story)
Online Ad
60Icon - Management Point (Tennis Club Story) All Local Cable TV Sponsor lvl. 2
TV Ad (Tennis Club Story)
100Icon - Management Point (Tennis Club Story) All Local Cable TV Sponsor lvl. 10

Note :

  • Although Online Ad and TV Ad allows to recruit all player types, the chances to get some types are different. TV Ad will have a better chance to get some rarer types such as World Class, Superstar and Idol.

Special PlayersEdit

Aside from the random generated players, there are some special players that are available to recruit after reaching certain points of the game.
These characters are Kairosoft's recurring characters and mascots such as Sally Prin and King Ackbar.

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