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Oh! Edo Towns is a simulation set in the Edo Period of Japan, where you are in charge of a small village, and work your way up to being one of the best towns / cities in all of Japan.


Structures consist of 3 types:

  • Environment - these structures either serve function purposed (paths, houses, etc), or provide a boost to the surrounding scenery.
  • Shops - Sells goods for a range of gold.
  • Facilities - Sells services, or provides a function (castle, park, etc).


Combos are an important factor in placing your structures, as they can greatly boost the yield / price of not only those structures, but those in the surrounding area.

Combos stack, and the same structure can be used to form multiple different combos. There are a total of 46 combos.


Residents are the core of your town's economy, and instrumental in its growth. Residents have 4 attributes:

  • Intelligence (Int) - Increase chance of discovering new structures, and speeds up leveling.
  • Loyalty (Loy) - Makes residents work hard
  • Appeal (Apl) - Increase their likelihood to meet with other residents in parks (important for gaining research points, and increase the stats of your residents).
  • Skill (Skl) - Increases likelihood of discovering crafts.


Job Unlock Notes
Frmr (Farmer) Initially Available Farmers tend the fields.
Art (Artisan) Art moves in Artisans make crafts.
Mrch (Merchant) Mrch moves in Merchants boost economy.
Wrr (Warrior) Lv 4-5 Frmr, Art, & Mrch Warriors bring high Yld/RP.
Vss (Vassal) Lv 5 Wrr, Frmr, Art, Mrch Only a chosen few can be vassals.


Even after conditions for a vehicle has been met, it can take years for a resident to purchase one, with each upgrade often taking longer and longer to purchase.

Icon Vehicle Range Bought by Bought from
none 9-14
Horse-oh edo towns.png Horse +10 any resident

any Stables

White horse-oh edo towns.png White Horse +20

Lv  4+ Warrior
Wallet : 30G+

50% chance to buy at any Stables
Car-oh edo towns.png Car Lv 5 Vassal
Wallet : 50G+

Stables affected by an Import Combo

(Elekiter Shp/Camera Shp/Zoo)


Crafts can be used on residents or structures to increase their yield, price, both, or neither.


There are many travelers who will chose to visit your town. They will visit stores / meet with residents in parks, and after enough trips, they will finally be satisfied, and reward you. Travelers will still visit after their satisfaction has been maxed.

Group Wallet Reward Yield
Elementary School Trip 100G Book of Wit Build Inn
Heartbreak Club 120G Old Love Letter Build Inn
Ogre Vanquishing Tour 150G Millet Dumplings 800 Build Inn
Nation-Wide Tour 250G Legendary Case 600
Govt. Inspection Tour 250G Legendary Document
Ako Clan Samurai 300G Legendary Sword 600
Friendship Alliance 300G Legendary Document 800
Prince's Secret Tour 300G Legendary Hairpiece 800
Pumpkin Products PR 400G "Starting A Business" 800
Gas Survey Tour 500G "No Gas" Certificate 1000
Return to the Moon Tour Legendary Rocket
New Home Search Team 800G Legendary Beans 1500 Place 3 Zoos on the map
Kairobot's Journey 999G Smartphone Appears Y 50 M 1 or later; must have every combo on map

Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story.png Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.
  • On V1.0.5, the Japanese word still showing when both creating combo and trying to research the building with insufficient research points.


  • If you tap on one of the birds flying around your town, you will follow like you follow a resident when you click them. Due to a bird's flight speed, this can be a nice way to view / show off your town.
  • The first time "Kairobot's Journey" visits your town, Kairobot introduces the group, and references other Kairosoft games while doing so: "I just warped in from a space colony (Epic Astro Story) in my time machine. In the future, I want to live in Japan and coach soccer (Pocket League Story), and maybe even eat lots of sushi (The Sushi Spinnery)! But at the moment I just want to find someplace to charge my mobile phone..."
  • The Edo period (江戸時代 Edo jidai) or Tokugawa period (徳川時代 Tokugawa jidai) is the period between 1603 and 1868 in the history of Japan. For more information, please visit Edo period on Wikipedia.
  • Some of music (such music of congratulatory) used ingame is same as in Beastie Bay.

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