For the game, see Ninja Village.

The ninja is distinguishable due to his black/dark blue ninja suit. However, a pink ninja with the same design appears in Pocket Academy.

Bonbon CakeryEdit

Aliases: Saburo Mura, Politician

Ninja appears as:

  • An unlockable customer - Saburo Mura.
  • A customer of Truck Sales - Politician (Luxury Condos Location).

Dungeon VillageEdit

Aliases: Ninja

An unlockable "Job" type (user looks like a ninja) - there is also a female ninja job type, but the user does not wear the iconic suit.

High Sea SagaEdit

Appears as a Job in High Sea Saga. The male version is blue M Ninja (High Sea Saga) and the female version is pink F Ninja (High Sea Saga).

Magazine MogulEdit

Aliases: Tad Pole

Has a frog on top of his head, and is red. Can be hired using the College recruitment.

Mega Mall StoryEdit

Aliases: Nekomaru
Quote: "I like pet shops best. I'd like to get a ninja dog."

Customer No. 63

Pocket AcademyEdit

Aliases: Dan Black
Pink ninja

Wears a pink ninja suit - The game files also have a ninja wearing black, but he does not seem to appear in game.

Home Run HighEdit

Aliases: Dwight Banks

A group of ninjas will appear at Grand Lakes (GL) at Crawley High. Defeating them will have one of the ninjas join your school.

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