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This page is to help you find the monsters needed to complete monster hunt campaigns.

Monster Country Island(s)
Alpaca Rider Euripitan Union, Armonica, Pirate Seas Placid Island (EU), Mystery Island (EU), Bright Kingdom (A), Faint Island (PS), Craggy Island (PS)
Baelzebub Euripitan Union, Armonica, Treelania, Kairo Island Mystery Island (EU), Bright Kingdom (A), Comfort Island (A), Chomper Island (T), Secluded Island (T), Kairo Island(K)
Blinko Meripito, Treelania Mellow Island (M), Forgetful Island (M), Tired Island (M) Gotcha Island (T)
Blobbin All, Euripitan Union Home Base, Neighbour Island (EU), Shabby Island (EU)
Blue Kairobits Euripitan Union Mystery Island
Bolem Treelania, Euripitan Union, Umadbro Island Gotcha Island (T), Tropical Island (EU), Forest Park (U)
Boxle Pirate Seas Faint Island, Tottori Island
Broccolin Armonica, Treelania Warm Island, Gotcha Island (T)
Caveshroom Armonica Frozen Island, Minus Island, Short-Sleeve Island
Cheep Meripito, Treelania Sleepy Island, Gotcha Island (T)
Clammo Euripitan Union Dev Island, Chilly Island (EU)
Cobrash Euripitan Union, Pirate Seas Frigid Island (EU) Faint Island, Tottori Island, chilly island (EU)
Collasquido Pirate Seas, Kairo Islands Faint Island, Tottori Island, Kairo Island(K)
Crabbo Armonica, Pirate Seas Frozen Island (A), Minus Island (A), Short-sleeve Island (A), Craggy Island (PS), Faint Island (PS)
Crocogator Meripito, Euripitan Union Forgetful Island(M), Toasty Island(EU)
Dark Sparkler Kairo Islands Kairo Island
Double Kairobit
Drazilla Pirate Seas, Euripitan Union, Kairo Islands Faint Island(P), Tottori Island(P),Mystery Island (EU), Kairo Island(K)
Dropplet All Home Base
Eelgor Treelania Chomper Island, Secluded Island
Electrohops Euripitan Union Business Island
Falcone Euripitian Union Shabby Island
Firaj Armonica, Umadbro Islands Calm Island (A), Heavy Island (U), Unexplored Island (U)
Fleanix Pirate Seas, Euripitan Union(EU) Craggy Island(P - Best), Placid Island(EU),Mystery Island (EU),
Froggle Armonica, Euripitan Union, Treelania, Kairo Islands Bright Kingdom(A), Comfort Island(A), Placid Island(EU), Gotcha (T), Kairo Island(K) 
Gillan Armonica, Pirate Seas Minus Island(A), Faint Island(P), Tottori Island(P), Craggy Island(P)
Granitron Umadbro Island, Pirate Seas Forest Park, Unexplored Island, Faint Island(P)
Greendra Armonica, Euripitan Union Calm Island, Bright Kingdom, Comfort Island, Mystery Island (EU),
Gyozan Pirate Seas Tottori Island, Faint Island
Hermit Crabby Euripitan Union (EU), Treelania (T) Chilly Island, Secluded Island (T), Chomper Island(T), Big Island ( Quest D++ ), Dev Island (EU)
Hifuteki Euripitan Union, Treelania, Meripito (M) Dev Island, Gotcha Island (T),Chilly Island (EU), Mellow Island (M)
Hoplion Meripito, Pirate Seas Sleepy Island(M), Faint Island(P), Tottori Island(P)
Hotalot Devil Pirate Seas Faint Island, Tottori Island
Hottle Euripitan Union (EU),

Umadbro Islands

Dev Island (EU), Heavy Island (U), Unexplored Island (U),Chilly Island (EU)
Ickle Armonica, Euripitan Union, Treelania Bright Kingdom (A), Comfort Island(A), Placid Island (EU), Mystery Island (EU - good), Chomper Island(T), Secluded Island(T)
Jabber Umadbro Islands Unexplored Island, Forest Park
Jellio Euripitan Union (EU), Umadbro Islands (U) Heavy Island (U), Unexplored Island (U), Lake Island (EU)
Kairo Driller
Kappataro Armonica,Kairo Islands Frozen Island, Minus Island, Short-Sleeve Island(A), Kairo Island(K)
King Plomp Euripitan Union Dev Island, Chilly Island
King Wariobot Euripitan Union, Kairo Islands Placid Island(EU), Cairo Island(K)
Machbat Meripito (M), Armonica (A) Pressing Island (A), Forgetful Island (M), Birdy Island (A), Calm Island (A), Sleepy Island (M), Mellow Island (M), Tired Island (M)
Mandragora Treelania (T), Armonica Secluded Island (T), Chomper Island(T), Calm Island (A)
Mechapooch Pirate Sea Craggy Island, Fainted Island
Merble Euripitan Union (E), Umadbro Islands (U),Treelania(T) Lake Island (E), Forest Park (U), Gotcha Island (T)
Metaboks Euripitan Union (EU), Meripito (M) Business Island (EU), Mystery Island (EU), Forgetful Island (M)
Mimico Armonica (A), Pirate Seas (PS) Warm Island (A), Craggy Island (PS)
Moeyama Euripitan Union (E),

Umadbro Islands (U)

Lake Island (E), Heavy Island (U), Unexplored Island (U)
Molezo Meripito Sleepy Island
Mr. Weensy Umadbro Islands (U), Kairo Islands (K) Forest Park (U), Unexplored Island (U), Kairo Island (K)
Octovar Euripitan Union (EU),


Dev Island (EU), Secluded Island(T), Chomper Island(T), Chilly Island ( EU)
Oompa Meripito, Pirate Seas Forgetful Island, Mellow Island, Faint Island(P), Tottori Island(P)
Pastypuff Armonica, Treelania Warm Island, Gotcha Island (T), Small Island (A)
Prickler Armonica, Umadbro Islands Frozen Island, Minus Island, Short-Sleeve Island, Unexplored Island (U)
Puffy Euripitan Union (EU), Armonica, Umadbro Islands (U) Pirate Seas Lake Island(EU), Toasty Island(EU), Tropocal Island (EU), Calm Island(A - best!), Forest Park(U) Faint Island(P)
Pyon Umadbro Islands, Armonica Forest Park, Unexplored Island, Comfort Island(A)
Pyonpo Euripitan Union (E), Treelania (T) Lake Island (E), Secluded Island (T), Chomper Island(T)
Red Kairobit
Reddra Pirate Seas, Faint Island
Rex Meripito, Pirate Seas Forgetful Island, Mellow Island, Faint Island(P), Tottori Island(P)
Rock Golem Euripitan Union (E), Treelania (T) Bright Island : quest D++ (E), Gotcha Island (T)
Salimon Pirate Seas Craggy Island
Sassa Meripito, Treelania, Pirate Sea, Kairo Islands, Armonica Forgetful Island, Mellow Island, Chomper Island(T), Secluded Island(T), Craggy Island(P), Kairo Island(K), Short-Sleeve Island(A)
Seal Knight Armonica, Pirate Sea Frozen Island, Minus Island, Craggy Island(P)
Sharky Meripito Forgetful Island, Tired Island, Mellow Island
Shelby Euripitan Union Lake Island
Shelldon Armonica, Treelania Calm Island, Gotcha Island (T)
Skeldra Umadbro Islands, Armonica Heavy Island, Clam Island(A)
Skelet Euripitan Union (EU),

Umadbro Islands, Tereelania

Dev Island (EU), Forest Park, Gotcha Island (T), Chilly Island (EU)
Skello Armonica Minus Island, Frozen Island, Short-Sleeve Island, Smile Island
Skelton Armonica, Treelania, Pirate Sea Smile Island, Short-Sleeve Island, Frozen Island, Secluded Island (T), Chomper Island(T), Craggy Island(P)
Skully Treelania, Euripitan Union, Pirate Sea Gotcha Island (T), Mystery Island (EU),Faint island(P)
Snackle Armonica (A), Umadbro Islands (U) Warm Island (A), Short-Sleeve Island(A), Heavy Island (U), Unexplored Island (U)
Sneak Euripitan Union, Umadbro, Treelania Home Base, Shabby Island, Forest Park (U), Secluded Island (T)
Spikeon Armonica, Euripitan Union, Pirate Sea Frozen Island, Mystery Island(EU), Craggy Island(P), Minus Island (A)
Squidos Euripitan Union

(E), Umadbro Islands (U)

Neighbor Island (E), Heavy Island (U), Unexplored Island (U) Home Base
Stinger Armonica, Meripito Warm Island (A), Birdy Island (A), Pressing Island (A), Forgetful Island (M), Mellow Island (M), Tired Island (M)
Stumper Treelania, Meripito Secluded Island (T), Sleepy Island (M)
Thanatos Euripitan Union (EU), Armonica (A), Umadbro (U), Pirate Seas, Kairo Islands Placid Island (EU) (Rare), Mystery Island (EU), Bright Kingdom (A), Comfort Island (A), Forest Park (Rare) (U), Faint Island(P), Kairo Island(K)
Titan Jr. Euripitan Union Mystery Island
Tontona Meripito Forgetful Island, Mellow Island
Torton Umadbro Islands Heavy Island
Tortugan Treelania Secluded Island, Chomper Island
Trent Armonica Warm Island
Tutanhop Armonica Calm Island
Twinsel Euripitan Union Cheery Island, Lake Island
UFO Euripitan Union, Pirate Seas Placid Island(EU), Mystery Island (EU), Faint Island(P), Tottori Island(P)
Undead Cap’n Armonica, Euripitan Union, Pirate Sea Smile Island, Short-Sleeve Island,Minus Island (A), Frozen Island,Mystery Island (EU), Craggy Island(P)
Water Serpent Treelania Gotcha Island
Wizzle Umadbro Islands Unexplored Island

Deck Battle MonstersEdit

Monsters that shows up in deck battle on different islands. (Incomplete)


Island Frequency Monsters
Euripitan Union
Base None Blobbin, Sneak, Dropplet, Squido, (Falcone) 
Neighbor Island Rare
Shabby Island Some Blobbin, Dropplet, Squido, Falcone
Cheery Island Rare Jeliio
Business Island Many Metabok, Jabber, Electrahop, Granitron, Squido, Torton
Sandy Island Rare
Toasty Island Some Twinsel, Pyonpo, Merble, Metabok, Elektrahop, Torton
Lake Island Many Jellio, Twinsel, Moeyama, Merble, Hermit Crabby, Pyonpo, Eelgor, Shelby, Collasquido
Tropical Island Some Tutanhop
Dev Island Many Octovar, Skelet, (King Plomp), Clammo, Hermit Crabby, Hifuteki, Hottle, (Rock Golem), (Sassa)
Big Island Many Octovar, Skelet, Clammo, Hermit Crabby, Hifuteki
Bright Island Some King Plomp, Clammo, Hermit Crabby, Octovar
Placid Island Many Titan Jr., Hermit Crbby, Ickle, Fleanix, UFO, Alpaca Rider, Greendra, Froggle, (Spikeon), (Thanados), (Skully)
Chilly Island Some
Frigid Island Some King Plomp, Clammo, Hermit Crabby, Octovar, Skelet, (Cobrash)
Mystery Island Many Titan Jr., Ickle, Fleanix, UFO, Greendra, Froggle, (Spikeon), Skully, (Firaj), Alpaca Rider, Red Kairobit
Warm Island Many Stinger, Dark Sparkler, Trent, Broccolin, Mimico, Snackle, Pastypuff    
Pressing Island Rare Machbat
Birdy Island Some Stinger, Trent
Calm Island Many Puffy, Shelldon, Machbat, Mandragora, Tutanhop, Greendra
Smile Island Rare Crabbo, Kappataro, Prickler, Skello, Skelton, Undead Cap'n
Short-Sleeve Island Some Prickler, Undead cap'n, Crabbo, Skello, Skelton, Kappataro
Minus Island Many Prickler, Skello, Skelton, Undead Cap'n, Crabbo, Kappataro 
Frozen Island Many Prickler, Skello, Skelton, Undead Cap'n, Crabbo, Kappataro 
Bright Kingdom Many Ickle, UFO, Froggle, Skully, Alpaca Rider, Spikeon, Fleanix
Comfort Island Many Ickle, Greendra, Froggle, Skully, UFO, Alpaca Rider, Fleanix, (Spikeon)   


Sleepy Island Some Twinsel, Blobbin, Tortugan, Dropplet, Cheep, Stumper, Molezo, Hoplion, Gyozan, Boxle, Salimon, (Thanatos)
Forgetful Island Many Metabok, Machbat, Sharky, Oompa, Tonatona, Blinko, Sassa, Rex
Mellow Island Some Machbat, Tonatona, Blinko, Sharky, Rex, Shelby, Stinger, Sassa 
Tired Island Rare Crocogator, Oompa, Machbat, Sassa, Stinger, Tonatona, Blinko, Metabok, Sharky, Rex 

Umadbro Islands

Forest Park Some Sneak, Pyon, Mr.Weensy, Puffy, (Hotalot Devil), Granitron,Thanatos, Jabber
Unexplored Island Many Sneak, Pyon, Mr.Weensy, Jabber
Heavy Island Many Jellio, Squido, Moeyama, Firaj, Torton, Snackle, Crocogator, Pyon  
Gotcha Island Some Merble, Cheep, Broccolin, Skelet, Pastypuff, Shelldon, Rock Golemn, Froggle, Granitron, Bolem, (Water Serpant)
Chomper Island Some Octovar, Sassa, Pyonpo, Undead Cap'n, Hermit Crabby, Eelgor, Tortugan
Secluded Island Many Skelton, Pyonpo, Octovar, Eelgor, Tortugan, Mandragora, Stumper, Sassa
Pirate Seas
Tottori Island Many Gillan, Oompa, Cobrash, Boxle, Hoplion, UFO, Hotalot Devil, (Thanatos), Drazilla, Reddra, Rex, (Collasquido), Gyozan  
Faint Island Many Clammo, Fleanix, Mimico, Spikeon, Seal Knight, Sassa,
Craggy Island Many (Firaj), Spikeon, Sassa, Seal Knight, Undead Cap'n, Boxle, Mimico, Fleanix, Clammo, Crabbo, Skello, Jellio 
Kairo Islands
Kairo Island Some
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