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Overview Edit

Monkey Bananas are used for upgrading technologies. They come in 5 varieties: Green, Yellow, Red, Silver, and Rainbow. Each variety will allow tech upgrades up to 2 levels.

Generally, you need 24 bananas of each variety to upgrade 2 level of technologies (3 bananas to upgrade 2 level of a tech. With 8 kinds of tech, 24 bananas are needed). However, since Fighter, Gunship and Cannon level 1 tech are automatically available, only 18 Green Monkey Bananas are needed to upgrade.

Monkey Bananas can be gotten via 4 methods :

  • Fully Complete (100% Completion) an expedition.
  • Bought from villages. Fully developed villages will sell 3 of a certain Monkey Banana variety.
  • Reward from non-repeatable missions.
  • As a reward for completing achievements.

Only area names are listed in the full completion part in the below tables. For a detailed info on each area, refer to Expeditions page.
Entries in villages row of the tables are written as Village Name (Area Name).

Green Monkey Bananas Edit

Method Qty Detail
Full Completion 1 Primary Plains
2 Dry Desert
2 Moist Marsh
Villages 3 Parcho VIllage (Dry Desert)
3 Moist Village (Moist Marsh)
Missions 1 "Jim Bob Outbreak" Mission (Rank 8)
1 "Jay Bob Outbreak" Mission (Rank 12)
1 "Ray Bob Outbreak" Mission (Rank 16)
Achievements 1 2nd Class Ace Pilot (Beat 200 Enemies)
1 2nd Class Rescuer (Rescue 5 People)
1 2nd Class Mission Master (Complete 25 Missions)
1 2nd Class Wealthy (Have 50,000G)

Yellow Monkey Bananas Edit

Method Qty Detail
Full Completion 2 Volcano Plateau
2 Fort Still
2 Malibu Sea
2 Tingle Plains
Villages 3 Volcano Village (Volcano Plateau)
3 Malibu Village (Malibu Sea)
3 Shock Village (Tingle Plains)
Missions 1 "Mecha Bob Outbreak" Mission (Rank 20)
1 "Billy Jean Outbreak" Mission (Rank 24)
1 "Momma Outbreak" Mission (Rank 28)
Achievements 1 1st Class Ace Pilot (Beat 500 Enemies)
1 1st Class Rescuer (Rescue 10 People)
1 1st Class Mission Master (Complete 50 Missions)
1 1st Class Wealthy (Have 100,000G)

Red Monkey Bananas Edit

Method Qty Detail
Full Completion 2 Bamboo Grove
2 Cursed Land
2 Tornado Prairie
2 Vulcan Volcano
Villages 3 Bamboo Village (Bamboo Grove)
3 Tornado Village (Tornado Prairie)
3 Vulcan Village (Vulcan Volcano)
Missions 1 "Vampire Outbreak" Mission (Rank 32)
1 "Seaplane Outbreak" Mission (Rank 36)
1 "Phoenix Outbreak" Mission (Rank 40)
Achievements 1 Bronze Ace Pilot (Beat 1,000 Enemies)
1 Bronze Rescuer (Rescue 15 People)
1 Bronze Mission Master (Complete 100 Missions)
1 Bronze Wealthy (Have 400,000G)

Silver Monkey Bananas Edit

Method Qty Detail
Full Completion 2 Misty Plains
2 Royal Valley
2 Sarga Sea
2 Thunder Hills
Villages 3 Misty Village (Misty Plains)
3 Royal Village (Royal Valley)
3 Sarga Village (Sarga Sea)
Missions 1 "General Kappa Outbreak" Mission (Rank 45)
1 "Sand Worm Outbreak" Mission (Rank 50)
1 "Behemoth Outbreak" Mission (Rank 55)
Achievements 1 Silver Ace Pilot (Beat 2,000 Enemies)
1 Silver Rescuer (Rescue 24 People)
1 Silver Mission Master (Complete 200 Missions)
1 Silver Wealthy (Have 1,000,000G)

Rainbow Monkey Bananas Edit

Method Qty Detail
Full Completion 2 Amanzo Jungle
2 Dark Continent
2 Fort Wairo
Villages 3 Thunder Village (Thunder Hills)
3 Amanzo Village (Amanzo Jungle)
Missions 1 "Floating Base Outbreak" Mission (Rank 61)
1 "Black Dragon Outbreak" Mission (Rank 67)
1 "Beholder Outbreak" Mission (Rank 73)
1 "Long Shen Outbreak" Mission (Rank 79)
Achievements 1 Gold Ace Pilot (Beat 4,000 Enemies)
1 Gold Rescuer (Rescue 27 People)
1 Gold Mission Master (Complete 300 Missions)
1 Gold Wealthy (Have 5,000,000G)
1 Gold Mapper (Fully Explore 50 Maps)
1 Gold Developer (Fully Develop 14 Villages)
1 Gold Collector (Acquire 150 Different Planes' Variants)
1 Gold Punctual (Play for 48 Days)
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