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Mister X's defining characteristic is his brightly colored luchador's mask. This mask is a sky blue, with hot pink marks around his eyes, and a yellow line running down the middle and an opening over his mouth.

Unlike other special characters who often have a very similar design across games, other than his mask Mister X rarely has the same appearance. Even his name widely varies between games. It is common for his character to show an interest in wrestling, video games, or both, or to exhibit skills reflective of these interests.He is not an alien.

Bonbon CakeryEdit

Aliases: Tiger Hoods, Event Master

Appears as:

  • An unlockable staff - Tiger Hoods.
  • A customer of Truck Sales - Event Master (Event Hall Location).

Cafeteria NipponicaEdit

Aliases: Mr. X
Mr x-cafeteria nipponica

"Mr. X" is a tertiary character who leaves behind signed recipes after events. There is also a masked reviewer who you can invite to your restaurant.

Dream House DaysEdit

Mr. X's iconic mask is obtainable as a piece of clothing.

Dungeon VillageEdit

Aliases: Wrestler

An unlockable "Job" type (user looks like Mister X).

Game Dev StoryEdit

Mister X is one of the first special characters to appear to the player and offer his services as an employee. A news article talks of A " Mister X " sabotaging a Game Studio.

High Sea SagaEdit

Appears as the "Killer" job in High Sea Saga.

Mega Mall StoryEdit

Aliases: Hulk Grogan
Quote: "I like video rental stores."

Appears as customer No. 64. His name is a pun of Hulk Hogan.

Pocket AcademyEdit

Aliases: Andre Cant

Appears as Andre Cant, a teacher with potentially max stats.

Pocket HarvestEdit

Aliases: billy jean
 Appears as billy jean a farmer with high stamina.

Pocket League StoryEdit

Aliases: Estrada E

Can be contracted as a bodybuilder type player named Estrada E.

World Cruise StoryEdit

Aliases: King of Tenochtitlan
Quote: "I would love to take a cruise with you sometime. Farewell."

King of the country of Tenochtitlan.

Home Run HighEdit

Aliases: Res Surar

A group of wrestlers will appear after you win the World Series. Defeating them will have one of the wrestlers join your school.


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