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  • Hello, welcome to the wiki!

    A few things:

    • Don't make pages about individual items / structures. They don't have enough info to warrant it, spread out useful information instead of condensing it into 1 page, and just end up cluttering the wiki.
      • Also please don't make pages with just a single image.
    • Any page about a game must have the game name in the title, as otherwise no one knows what game it belongs to (this includes images).
    • Only animated images should be "gif" type; anything else should be png (this makes it easier to replace them if need be, like if someone crops them or removes background).

    The reason for the first two is that these are fairly small games, which is why they share a wiki. Very few individual things in the game warrant an article or even a section, instead just being added to a table.

    The images are nice though, and greatly appreciated!

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    • Hello mate

      - structures pages - was just thinking that somebody will fill it up with things like picture, stats (what's it does, how much it costs) and for which combo you can use particular structure. If it's bad idea let me know. -- single image: justr a start, I was hoping that other users will fill it up with (see above) - page name in title. Fair enough, good point. But You really didn't have to delete it - you could just redirect to the name you prefer. Just thinking. - gifs - I didn't want to upload big images, hence gifs (256 colours). Didn't know there is a rule for PNGs.

      Anyway - main reason for edits was that to get your arcade to 4* one have to make 13 combos (iirc). Having pictures helped. - images: the quality is not perfect (android users could probably get the original files, however, I play on iphone) Thanks for message mate. Have a good one!

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    • Agreed that pictures do help! They just take some effort to get so a lot of the games here end up having less than they should.

      The main issue with pages for every thing in the game is maintenance and being a small community. We have a hard time getting edits even when information is centralized, so those pages would more than likely remain blank for years. And if we had pages for every structure on every game we'd have 500+ pages which would likely be all be stubs (let alone pages for each employee / etc, which together could probably get us 2000+ more stubs). If we had a large community it would be a worthwhile idea. But as it is it would just make the wiki look "bad"/not worth using (with majority of pages being stubs), and make clicking any link not in the navbar just a waste of bandwidth 95% of the time. And honestly if I had to worry about thousands of little pages, I'd probably lose the little drive I have left monitoring this wiki.

      There used to be a few wikis devoted to individual Kairosoft games, and each of them had tons of red links or stub pages. And while a stub page may make someone tempted to add to it, more often than not in my experience (on wikis with a small community) it diverts attention from making the data easily available (centralized) and causes information to start to conflict in various places.

      I'm not against adding additional pages / tables displaying information in new ways (like a table with columns showing combos + rows showing structures, and checkmarks indicating which involve which), but adding tons of stub pages hasn't worked out well in the past. The games are fairly small and simple, so being too broad can be a detriment (ex: having a page on every background character in a TV show would be a bit too much information).

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    • I added your images to the "structures" page. If you upload more feel free to add them there if you want.

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    • A FANDOM user
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