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Manufacturers[edit | edit source]

There are 8 manufacturers (also called suppliers) that you can order clothes from. You start the game with access to 2 of them: Grade One and Ladies Apparel. Others become accessible as you carry more goods: for the specific number of goods needed to unlock a manufacturer, refer to the Unlock column in the table below.

Manufacturers will sell you more items if you have high rapport (Rapport14.png). To raise your rapport with a given manufacturer, you need to sell a certain number of their goods (indicated in the table by the 1Rapport14.png-5Rapport14.png columns). To unlock manufacturers (Unlock column).

Icon Name Unl
Fee 1Rapport14.png 2Rapport14.png 3Rapport14.png 4Rapport14.png 5Rapport14.png Description
Gradeonegarments.png Grade One Garments 50 185 796 3500 14000 A friendly budget supplier. Delivers price over quality.
Ladiesapparelinc.png Ladies Apparel, Inc. 90 333 1432 6300 25200 Specializes in ladies' wear, with a focus on the super cute.
Tgtrousersgroup.png T.G. Trousers Group 10 $2.5k 110 407 1750 7700 30800 They prefer you use the word "trousers" rather than "pants."
Fineshirtsco.png Fine Shirts Co. 15 $4k 120 444 1909 8400 Specializes in light and breezy shirts of all kinds.
Merrymadamtrading.png Merry Madam Trading 20 $5k 150 555 2387 10500 42000 Focused on older customers. Stable demand and popular.
Bestmenstailoring.png Best Men's Tailoring 30 $10k 170 629 2705 11900 47600 Well-known national brand. Focused on the menswear market.
Apparelinternational.png Apparel International 40 $20k 220 814 3500 15400 61600 Handmade, luxury clothes. Quality you can feel.
Kairoclothing.png Kairo Clothing 60 $100k 350 500-1100 5569 24500 98000 A famous global brand. Sells all around the world.

Special Clothing[edit | edit source]

Each manufacturer has special clothes that you can unlock by meeting certain conditions. For each item, you need to unlock a manufacturer, reach a specific level of rapport, and then create an "interesting setup". The special clothing, and the conditions needed to unlock them, are listed below, as are the fixture and tenant information.

Unlock Conditions for Special Clothing
Name Manufacturer Rapport14.png Other
Bag Ladies Apparel, Inc. 5 build Capsule Machine in front
Bear Pants Kairo Clothing sell 60,000 goods total
Bear Shirt Kairo Clothing sell 50,000 goods total
Bikini Merry Madam Trading 3 build Television in front
Happi Coat Best Men's Tailoring 3 build Light in front
Kairo Pants Kairo Clothing sell 80,000 goods total
Kairo Suit Kairo Clothing sell 70,000 goods total
Kairobot Kairo Clothing sell 90,000 goods total
King Costume Apparel Internat'l 2 build Artwork by wall
King Leggings T.G. Trousers Group 3 build Vending Machine in back
Knitted Sweater Ladies Apparel, Inc. 2 build Mirror in center
Oriental Armor Kairo Clothing 5 build Kairo Statue by window
Pajamas Merry Madam Trading 1 build Music by window
Pleated Skirt Ladies Apparel, Inc. 2 build Fitting Room by window
Pouch Merry Madam Trading 5 build Poster by window
Raincoat Grade One Garments 4 build Service Desk by window
School Jacket Fine Shirts Co. 3 build Catalog in center
Watch Apparel Internat'l 4 build Fountain in front
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