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Players rise in manga artist ranks by having serials with good sales. By climbing in ranks, players will unlock new publishers, new option when going out, and increase their maximum PP.

There are 10 ranks in every manga artist path. Players starts at rank 1 and have to rise 9 ranks to the highest rank 10. Climbing ranks require players to have serials that have a good sales. The record sales of the mangaka's serial will determine whether (s)he will rise in ranks or not. Only the top record sales of one of the mangaka's serials will be counted towards this rank calculation. Combined sales from two serials or more is not accounted in this calculation.

Manga Artist Ranks List Edit

Rank Max PP Requirements Title
Manga Artist Girl's Manga Artist Gag Manga Artist Manga Artist Girl's Manga Artist Gag Manga Artist
1 50
Initially Available
Initially Available
2 150 Win a Newbie Award Newbie Artist Dreamy Artist Gag Manga Newbie
3 250 30K Sales 24K Sales 45K Sales Bargain Bin Artist
4 350 300K Sales 240K Sales 450K Sales Good Artist
5 450 1M Sales 800K Sales 1.5M Sales Popular Artist
6 550 3M Sales 2.4M Sales 4.5M Sales Beloved Artist
7 650 10M Sales 8M Sales 15M Sales Famous Artist
8 750 30M Sales 24M Sales 45M Sales Manga Maestro
9 850 50M Sales 40M Sales 75M Sales Household Name
10 999 100M Sales 80M Sales 150M Sales Story Manga Star Girl's Manga Guru Gag Manga Idol
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