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Once the production of a game is completed, your game will be reviewed based on it total points and playability. Also how it appeals to different audiences which in one of the causes to have different judges to have different reviews. Below is the messages shown once a judge has reviewed you game.

Review Message[]

Message Points
The game of the century! 10
An amazingly large game! 10
I bought 3 copies myself. 10
A masterpiece!! 10
Perfect! 10
Amazing! I'm impressed! 10
This'll go down in history! 10
It's... so beautiful...! 10
I had a ball with this one! 9
I play this one every day! 9
A rare masterpiece!! 9
I was about to cry! 9
Everybody loved it! 9
A guaranteed hit! 9
An instant classic! 9
I can't wait to play more! 9
They did a great job. 9
I had a lot of fun with it! 8
I give it a “buy" 8
Best game of the year. 8
My pick of the week. 8
Its content was good. 7
Rough around the edges. 7
So close and yet so far. 7