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Kingdom Adventurers is a town management sim where you can build shops, recruit heroes, and defend your lands from the evil hordes!

External Guides[]

Until this wiki has more information, you can check out the following guide:

You can also check the Japnese wiki in the External Links section below.

Special Buildings[]

These are gained by continued conquest

  • Ranking Board - Register battle points gained by killing monsters - level 2 mist
  • Trophy Room - Gives you diamonds and trophies for completing quests - level 2 mist
  • Briefing Room - Daily challenges, usually 4-5 of them, gain rewards by completing them - level 5 mist
  • Port - in exchange for food a ship comes over with  customers to visit your shops - level 7 & 44 mist
  • Friend Post Office - Allows you to find friends and send one of your residents to be the kingdom's champion - level 10 mist
  • Master Smithy - Can strengthen your equipment - level 11 mist
  • Cabin - Gain Gifts every 3 days - level 8 mist
  • Material Shop - Allows you to buy materials with copper coins - level 10 mist
  • Monster Farm - Allows for monsters to be moved to the farm so new egg can be hatched - level 14 area
  • Underground Arena - Allows you to PVP other people - level 20
  • Movers - Allows you to move residents from one town to another - level 23
  • Treasure Room - Allows you to exchange trophies and crowns for items - level 21
  • Weekly Conquest Bonus - Gain prizes for destroying certain enemy types - level 22
  • Friends Agency - Pay energy to get listings of potential friends - level 30
  • Equipment Exchange - exchange equipment for copper coins - 34
  • Job Centre- Allows you to buy units in exchange for diamonds - level 35
  • Instructors Room- allows you to place a resident to be an instructor and transfer its stats and EXP to other residents, the instructor cannot return to town once assigned - 41
  • Monster fusion lab - allows you to feed pets to other pets for xp - level 45
  • Kairo room - 58
  • Legendary Cave - a cave with unknown depth which gives a lot of rewards chests - 120


Equipment can be improved by leveling them up in the Master Smithy that you unlock during conquest and sometimes your residents bought an item in the kingdom's store to raise the equipment's exp.

Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story.png Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.
  • If you run out of apples for monster feed, you can remove it with the hammer tool, then build it again. This will cost you other supplies but not apples.
  • You can use the cart post to move apples from one town to another, the cart moves random items so be aware of this. They will grab whatever is in your item storehouse.


  • You can get kingdom hint's to help promote the growth of your kingdom.

External Links[]

Language Pack[]

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