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King Ackbar is often associated with an oil business in Kairosoft games. He claims in Game Dev Story to have a love for video games. His name is thought to be a pun on Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars.

Anime Studio StoryEdit

King Ackbar appears in the downstairs of the 3rd studio.

King ackbar - anime studio story

Biz Builder DeluxEdit

Equip staff with Acbar Form will convert into King Ackbar.

Bonbon CakeryEdit

Aliases: Oil Magnate

King Ackbar appears as:

  • A judge of the Opulent Desserts contest.
  • An unlockable staff.
  • A customer of Truck Sales (Luxury Ship).

Cafeteria NipponicaEdit

Aliases: Injured King; Oil King
Cafeteria Nipponica - injured king

Found in the games as a: Special Guest; Tourist Clientele.

Game Dev StoryEdit

A special employee that can be hired.

Grand Prix StoryEdit

Ackbar is both the owner/sponsor of Ackbar Oil and autoburg, as well as a driver who may be hired.

High Sea SagaEdit

Appears as a Job called Mogul in High Sea Saga.

Magazine MogulEdit

He can be hired as a Lvl. 2 Copy Editor using the Headhunt recruitment.

Mega Mall StoryEdit

Quote: "I came to buy some games. I like video game stores best."

Appears as customer No. 57.

Oh! Edo TownsEdit

Aliases: G Ackbar

Leader of the "Gas Survey Tour".

Pocket AcademyEdit

A possible unlock-able teacher.

Pocket ClothierEdit

A job type.

Pocket Harvest Edit

A customer/visitor.

Also appears as an opponent/rival in certain contests.

Pocket StablesEdit

Aliases: Oil Magnate
  • King Ackbar gives Ackbar Cup and is a recruit-able jockey.
  • Oil Magnate: a visitor.

Pocket League StoryEdit

Aliases: K Ackbar

A player that you can sign to your team.

Pocket League Story 2Edit

Aliases: Ackbar K

He appears as:

  • An unlockable player - Ackbar K.
  • A sponsor - Oil Company.
  • A player or full team of rival teams.

Venture TownsEdit

King Ackbar is a possible resident. In order to recruit him, you need to build the Shopping, Date, and Hollywood Combos. His occupation is Entrepreneur and he comes with a jet.

World Cruise StoryEdit

Aliases: Oil Merchant

A citizen of Aegyptus.

Gallery Edit

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