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Android logoApple logo Basketball Club Story released on Android and iOS 6 November 2019
This new title is a basketball sports sim, where you train your team and watch them march to victory! (Discuss) (Reddit) (Google Play) (iOS App Store)
Android logoApple logo Mega Mall Story 2 released on Android and iOS 30 September 2019
Do you like watching people shop and give you money? Of course you do! Well now you can in this sequel to Kairosoft's favorite vertical mall sim game. Find combos, please customers, but most importantly, build a mall to rival all malls (and make it tall enough to reach the stars). (Discuss) (Reddit) (Google Play) (iOS App Store)
Android logoApple logo Kingdom Adventurers released on Android and iOS 12 September 2019
The game is a town management sim where you can build shops, recruit heroes, and defend your lands from the evil hordes! (Discuss) (Reddit) (Google Play) (iOS App Store)

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