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Android logo.svgApple logo.svg Forest Camp Story released on Android and iOS 4 July 2021
It's summer time (well, for most of us, sorry southern hemisphere), so what better way to enjoy the outdoors than to stay inside your tent and play a camping game! Make the camping resort to rival all camping resorts! (Discuss) (Reddit) (Google Play) (iOS App Store)
Android logo.svgApple logo.svg Burger Bistro Story released on Android and iOS 8 May 2021
In the newest addition to the Kairosoft food sim library, we got the American staple: Burgers! Create your own burger recipes that will awe the masses and capitalism your competition into the ground! (Discuss) (Reddit) (Google Play) (iOS App Store)
Android logo.svgApple logo.svg Dungeon Village 2 released on Android and iOS 9 March 2021
Nearly a decade after our brave adventurers founded their new town and explored the new frontier it presented, they must now face a new challenge: a sequel! Will it live up to the hype? Will they find new and exciting challenges? There's only one way to find out; once more we must delve into the breach! Slay those monsters, and grab that loot! (Discuss) (Reddit) (Google Play) (iOS App Store)

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