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This template contains a list of all the games for use in mobile view. This makes it easier to keep track of, and allows users to add games to the list without unlocking the mobile front page. If you add a game, please place it in alphabetical order.




Code to be placed on the main page:



8-Bit Farm Banner
Anime Studio Story Banner
Beastie Bay Banner
Basketball Club Story Banner
Biz Builder Delux Banner
Bonbon Cakery Banner
Cafeteria Nipponica Banner
Dream House Days Banner
Dream Town Story Banner
Dungeon Village Banner
Epic Astro Story Banner
Fish Pond Park Banner
Game Dev Story Banner
Grand Prix Story Banner
Grand Prix Story 2 Banner
High Sea Saga Banner
Home Run High Banner
Hot Springs Story Banner
Kairobotica Banner
Kingdom Adventurers Banner
Legends of Heropolis Banner
Magazine Mogul Banner
Magician's Saga Banner
The Manga Works Banner
March to a Million Banner
Mega Mall Story Banner
Mega Mall Story 2 Banner
Ninja Village Banner
Oh! Edo Towns Banner
Pocket Academy Banner
Pocket Academy ZERO Banner
Pocket Arcade Story Banner
Pocket Clothier Banner
Pocket Harvest Banner
Pocket League Story Banner
Pocket League Story 2 Banner
Pocket Stables Banner
Pool Slide Story Banner
The Pyraplex Banner
Quest Town Saga Banner
The Ramen Sensei Banner
The Ramen Sensei 2 Banner
Shiny Ski Resort Banner
Silver Screen Story Banner
Skyforce Unite! Banner
Social Dev Story Banner
Station Manager Banner
The Sushi Spinnery Banner
Tennis Club Story Banner
Thrift Store Story Banner
Venture Towns Banner
Wild Park Manager Banner
World Cruise Story Banner

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