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An Android app designed for fans of Kairosoft fan, both new and current! It has news and (need info).

The Japanese version of the app also included some of the free Japanese games, but they do not appear to have been included in the English release.

At the time of writing this, it appears not to be available in all English speaking countries, and is not compatible with many devices.[1] Some issues are also caused because of rooted devices[2]

Inter-app benefitsEdit

  • Bonbon Cakery - You can win DAILY REWARDS of Premium Tickets. How many tickets you receive depends on the game's value $5=30 tickets .99=18 tickets Free=10 tickets
  • High Sea Saga - Having the Kairo Club app installed with the High Sea Saga app will add a "bonuses" tab to the game, awarding extra medals every day. Specifics can be found at IAPs (High Sea Saga)#Kairo_Club.


  • The banner image name on the Kairosoft server was "gm999_feature.png", showing they treat it as a game internally, and gave it a unique ID that won't conflict with new games.

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