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Overview Edit

Jobs are used to help residents make more money, get a better house, and afford more stuff. There are many jobs, each with an unlock condition, and possible special benefits. However, if the resident fails switching jobs, their stats will go down. When a job is mastered (master reaches 100%), the maximum amount of research point you can have is increased, based on the job (see the table below). This can be especially important, since many buildings cannot be researched with the default maximum of research points.

Most jobs require a specific building (or buildings) to be in range of an office. Some require a specific office (normal, medium, large). Small and Medium offices are 1x1 in size, and have a range of 5x5 for buildings that result in jobs. Large offices are 2x2, and have a 10x10 range. Some jobs may also require any buildings that's influenced by certain combo(s).

The Process of Changing and Finding a new Job Edit

Residents can only change job when they visit any type of offices. However, Residents will not have a chance to change and find a new job everytime they visit any offices.

There are 2 possible time when residents that visits an office can find and change to a new job.

The first possibility is when a resident has worked at least 7 times. A resident is considered working when they visit an office. So a resident must at least visit an office at least 7 times before they can change or find a new job. This number will reset whenever a resident successfully find and change to a new job.

The second possibility is when there's a "Japan GAMEDEX" Dev Events currently taking place. During this event, any residents will have a chance to find and change to a new job regardless on how many times they worked. Residents who changed job during this event will still have their work numbers reset to 0.

If a resident has fulfilled any of the two condition listed above, they may have a chance to find and change to a new job whenever they visit any offices. The chance of being able to find a new job depends on what the resident's current job and whether the Dev Events "Japan GAMEDEX" is currently taking place or not.

If "Japan GAMEDEX" is currently taking place, there's a 66% chance for the resident to change job.
If no "Japan GAMEDEX" is currently taking place, then it depends on what the resident's current job is.
If the resident current job is in the salarymen category (Freelancer, Employee, Supervisor, Manager, or Executive), the resident will have a 100% chance to find a new job. Otherwise the resident will have a 50% chance to find a new job.

Jobs List Edit

Name Salary Mastery Rewards Unlock Notes
Food-venture towns Serv-venture towns Ent-venture towns Cult-venture towns
Freelancer $1000
+30 +30
Initially Available
Employee $1300 +30 +30 +30 +20 Promotion from Freelancer
Supervisor $1900 +40 +40 +40 +40 Promotion from Employee
Manager $2500 +50 +50 +50 +40 Promotion from Supervisor
Executive $3500 Promotion from Manager
Cameraman $1800
TV Station or Elec. Shp or Art Museum or Movie Thtr
Artist $2000
+25 Record Store or Boutique or Art Museum
Designer $2100 +20
+30 Boutique or Art Museum or Jeweler
Director $6000
Movie Thtr or TV Station
Comic Artist $2200
+40 +20 Toy Str or Anime Shp or Bookstore or Movie Thtr
Conductor $4500
Record Str or Trade School
Culture Combo
Philosopher $6000
Intellect Combo
Voice Actor $3300

Anime Shp or Game Shp
Date Combo

Storyteller $4000
+30 +30
Record Str
TV Station
Painter $4500
Art Museum or Spa
Fisherman $1900
Fish Monger
Waiter $1900 +50 +40
Fast Food or Chinese Rest or Diner or Bar or Sushi Bar or Steakhouse or Pizza Parlor
Sommelier $2500
+50 +40 +20 Bar or Dept. Str
Chef $2800 +50
Chinese Rest or Bar or Jpn. Rest or City Hotel or Deli
Pastry Chef $3200 +30
+20 +40 Gourmet Combo or Fashion Combo
Arborist $3000 +20 +30
Sushi Bar or Gourmet Combo
Programmer $2200 +10
Arcade or Anime Shp or Game Shp or Elec Shp or PC Shp or Geek Combo
Engineer $2400
+20 +30 Elec Shp or Trade School or TV Station or Movie Thtr
Researcher $3500
Bookstore or Jpn Garden or Trade School or College
Culture Combo or Intellect Combo
Nanny $2000 +10 +30
Fast Food or City Hotel or Trade School or Vacant Building
Journalist $1500
+30 Bookstore or Art Museum or Jpn. Rest or Hospital
Culture Combo or Student Combo or Intellect Combo
Chimpan Z's starting job
Scholar $2500
+20 Culture Combo or Gourmet Combo or Intellect Combo
Doctor $8000 +30 +10
+30 Hospital
Intellect Combo
Health Combo
Teacher $3000
+20 Trade School or College
Actor $1500
Fast Food or Jpn. Garden or TV Station or Movie Thtr or Anime Shp
Dancer $2000 +30
Arcade or Record Str or TV Station or Pleasure Combo
Model $4500 +20
TV Station or Shopping Combo or Fashion Combo
Announcer $3000
+20 TV Station
Celebrity $4500
+40 +40 +10 TV Station or Bowling Alley or Casino or Fashion Combo
Pop Singer $5000
+20 +60
TV Station or Record Str or Movie Thtr or Pleasure Combo
Athlete $4000 +20
+20 Arcade or Drugstore or Bowling Alley or Sports Gym or Health Combo
Martial Artist $6000
Sports Gym or Security Co.
Baseball Plyr $5000
Bsbll Field
Sports Gym
Soccer Plyr $4500
Sports Gym
Jockey $2200 +30
Pasture or Zoo
Nature Combo
Security Grd $2500
+30 Casino or Game Shp or Elec Shp or Sports Gym or  Jeweler or  Security Co.
Detective $3000
Bookstore or Toy Str or Game Shp or Jeweler or Security Co. 
Pilot $4000 +30
+40 Game Shp or Steakhouse
Jpn. Garden or Sports Gym
Racecar Drvr $6500
Game Shp or Steakhouse or City Hotel   or  Sports Gym
Sniper $7000
Only discovered in Office(M)
Jpn. Garden
Thief Only discovered in Office(M)
Art Museum
Industry Combo
Gambler $1500
Pleasure Combo
Adventurer $3000
+20 +30
Tourist Combo or H.Stprings Combo
CEO $5000
Business Combo or Star Combo
Politician $5500
Pleasure Combo or Business Combo or Tourist Combo
Reach National Rank #40 or higher at least once
Spy $8000
Security Co.
Industry Combo
Secretary's job
Mafioso $8000 Only discovered in Office(M)
(Pleasure Combo and Fashion Combo) or Star Combo
Reach National Rank #15 or higher at least once
Alien $9900 Only discovered in Office(M)
TV Station
Special Combo
Reach National Rank #1 or higher at least once
Entrepreneur $9800
Only discovered in Office(M)
Jeweler or Art Museum or Dept Str
Business Combo
Reach National Rank #6 or higher at least once
King Ackbar's job
Pro Golfer $4000 +30
City Hotel or 2 Jpn. Gardens
Comedian $1500
TV Station or Monument
Investor $6000
Only discovered in Office(L)
Composer $6000
Record Str or Movie Thtr
President $8000 Hot Spring
Security Co.
Reach National Rank #2 or higher at least once
Singer $2900
Record Str or 2 Florists
Genius $5000
PC Shp or Art Museum
Dog Groomer $2300
+10 Pet Shop or Aquarium
Fly Fisher $2000
Fishing Pond or Aquarium
Astronaut 3 Skyscrapers
3 Theme Parks
Ballet Dancer $3200 Movie Thtr
Pet Shp
Consultant $2400 +5 +4 +6 +5 Game Co. or Mobile Shp
Recorderist $1800 +30
Only discovered in Office(L)
Trade School or Toy Str
Reach National Rank #50 or higher at least once
Mastermind $2800 +100 +100 ? ? Only discovered in Office(L)
Reach National Rank #5 or higher at least once
Dairy Farmer
Kairo Prgrmr $4900 +10 +10 +10 +10 Only discovered in Office(L)
Mobile Shp
Game Co.
Reach National Rank #1 or higher at least once
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