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Customers with good jobs have better stats, allowing them to do things such as move around your store faster and buy more clothes. Customers change jobs when you successfully coordinate an outfit for a customer or when they try on certain clothes in a fitting room (Unlock: Fitting Room column in the below table). Some jobs are special and only unlock when you recruit certain customers.

Job Unlock: Fitting Room Unlock: Other
Initially Available
Initially Available
Initially Available
Initially Available
Initially Available
Office Clerk
Initially Available
Initially Available
Neighborhood Rep
Initially Available
Class Leader
Initially Available
Class Rep
Initially Available
Comedian Stage Outfit
Pastry Chef Dress Shirt
Chef Flared Pants
Designer Team Jacket
Programmer Check Shirt
Spy Hawaiian Shirt, Happi Coat
Pro Golfer Polo Shirt, Corduroys
Wrestler Muscle Suit, Spandex
Soccer Player Soccer Kit, Soccer Pants
Cameraman Printed T-shirt
Sumo Wrestler Men's Kimono
Explorer Rain Coat, Corduroys
Samurai Gym Suit, Hakama
Doctor Lab Coat
Chimpan Z
Chimpan Z's job
Ninja Ninja Garb
Pilot Luxury Suit
Grizzly Bearington Bear Suit, Bear Pants Grizzly Bearington's job
Astronaut Spacesuit Top
Baseball Player Baseball Kit
Car Racer Racing Gear, Spacesuit Pants
King King Costume
Manager Business Suit, Slacks
Dancer Preppy Shirt, Cargo Pants
Musician Hotelier Suit
Consultant Business Suit
Lucky Winner Suspenders
Fisherman Fishing Vest, Corduroys
Conductor Tailcoat, Slacks
CEO Tailcoat
Film Director Somber Vest, Straight Pants
Comic Men's Kimono
Politician Tailcoat, Tight Pants
Oil Sheikh Arab Garb
Class Diva
Initially Available
Postcard Writer
Initially Available
Reader Model Tunic
Manga Artist Red Jersey
TV Celebrity Party Gown
Lady Golfer Polo Shirt
Newlywed Wedding Dress
Hair Stylist Frilly Camisole
Voice Actor Apron Dress
Artist Frilly Camisole
Hair Dress Tank Top
News Anchor Office Wear
Star Model Tank Top
Idol Chic Dress
Nursery Teacher Red Jersey
Makeup Artist Office Wear
Cosmetics Rep Office Wear
Pattern Maker Floral Dress
Stylist Check Dress
Singer Check Dress
Beautician Cardigan
Hotel Owner Kimono
Nurse Collar Blouse
Teacher Kimono
Sally Prin's job
Kairobot Kairo Suit, Kairo Pants Kairobot's job
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