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Pumpkin Products appears in 1Y8M. His selection of items is based on what you have discovered in tours and how many times you have invested in expanding his warehouse. He has new items every in-game month.

Table Key

  • Apl/Compat. bonus = Items will often increase the Qlty and Price of a facility, but some items will permanently boost the Apl or Compatbility of a structure. These are noted in this column.
  • Neg. effect = Using the item on these structures will lower their Qlty and/or Price
  • Cost = The initial cost of the item; the cost raises each time you buy one.
  • Unlock = How to unlock the item; all new tems are unlocked through tours.


Name Apl/Compat. bonus Neg. effect Cost Unlock
Fruit Punch Cafe, Hot Tub, Restaurant Library 30 Initially Available
Steak Restaurant, Tennis Court Beauty Salon 36 Initially Available
Lounge Chair Cafe, Lux. Lounge, Poker Lounge Restaurant, Spa 42 Zipang tour
Scented Candle Spa, Suites Lux. Lounge, Cafe 24 Zhougguo tour
Apple Cider Cafe, Restaurant, Suite Library 40 Briton tour
Apple all 3 types of Cabin, Library, Spa 26 Initially Available
Energy Drink  Driving Range, Gym, Internet, Tennis Court 22 Merica tour
Pineapple Cafe 22 Merica tour
Economic Times Library, Toilet Hot Tub, Pool 28 Deutsch tour
Math Book Library, Cabin Hot Tub, Pool Deutsch tour
Music Box Dancing Hall, Suites, Restaurant, Toilet, Arcade, Slot Machine 40 Gullia tour
Hot Chocolate Cafe, Poker Lounge, Pool Library 32 Ruska tour
Clam Chowder Cafe, Roulette Rm Library 36 Ruska tour
Ice Cream Cafe, Gym, Slot Machine 15 Snowland tour
Banana Tour Center 19 Wahai tour
Taco Pool 29 Tenochtitlan tour
Shark Fin Soup Cafe, Dancing Hall, Lux. Lounge, Shop Library 26 Tenochtitlan tour
Light BGM Driving Range, Lux. Lounge, Roulette Rm, Cafe Restaurant, Spa, Tennis Court 38 Tenochtitlan tour
Kairo-ade Deck Chair, Theater, Vending Machine 23 Wahai tour
Quality Seed 300 Initially Available
Price Seed 400 Initially Available
Cake Dance Hall, Restaurant 32 Gullia tour
Gold Clock Dancing Hall 40 Aegyptus tour
Herb Cafe, Hot Tub, Spa 22 Zhongguo tour
Cookie Beauty Salon, Shop 26 Zhongguo tour
Compat. Seed[1] perfect review: cabin
Gourmet Seed[1] perfect review: food
Appeal Seed[1] perfect review: facilities
Sport Seed[1] perfect review: tour
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Only two available per playthrough; the second is available from the Kairoland tour


Structures that must be bought from Pumpkin Products.

Name Cost Unlock
Hot Tub 2000 Initially Available
Palm Tree 300 Initially Available
Bonsai Zipang tour
Bamboo 350 Zhongguo tour
Cactus 250 Tenochtitlan tour
Roses 500 Briton tour
Painting 450 Guillia tour
Fountain 1500 Ruska tour
Thinker 900 Deutsch tour
Angel 1100 Gullia tour
Dancer 800 Merica tour
Grand Stairs 5000 expand ship