Venture Towns Guide

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Items can be used to change the stats or other features of buildings / residents. They can be made using resource points, or found through harvesting Fruitful Trees.

Item Effect Create Unlock
Food-venture towns Serv-venture towns Ent-venture towns Cult-venture towns
IQ seed-venture towns
IQ Seed Boosts company/resident IQ.
35 reach Super Town rank
Work seed-venture towns
Work Seed Boosts company/resident Work.
30 30 reach Burg rank
Appeal seed-venture towns
Appeal Seed Boosts company/resident Appeal. 30
reach Town rank
Skill seed-venture towns
Skill Seed Boosts company/resident Skill. 30 30
reach Super Town rank
Land price seed-venture towns
Land Price Seed Boosts company/resident Land Price. 10 30 30 40 reach Town rank
Sports drink-venture towns
Sports Drink Boosts resident move range. 30
20 reach Burg rank
Product seed-venture towns
Product Seed Boosts company Product Prices.
50 50 30 reach Venture Town rank
Rename seed-venture towns
Rename Seed Changes a resident's name. 60 60 60 60 reach Super Town rank
Cosplay set-venture towns
Cosplay Set Makes everyone wear a costume. When used on a resident, everyone will temporarily look just like them.
Move coupon-venture towns
Move Coupon Moves to a new location. 100 100 100 100 reach Town rank
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