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Items are special object that may be used on student to active a specific effect, with half of all items changing a stat, and the others forcing a specific change or event for the student.

Icon Name Price Effect Unlock
Hum-pocket academy Sci-pocket academy PE-pocket academy
Review drill-pocket academy Review Drill 22 16 0 Boosts a student's Int-pocket academy Int
Initially Available
Sports drill-pocket academy Sports Drill 0 12 28 Boosts a student's Ath-pocket academy Ath
Ethics drill-pocket academy Ethics Drill 25 0 0 Boosts a student's Att-pocket academy Att
Club card-pocket academy Club Card 40 40 50 Changes student's club
Pheromones-pocket academy Pheromones 20 80 0 Boosts a student's Pop-pocket academy Pop
Career book-pocket academy Career Book 65 65 60 Changes student's career
Smart strap-pocket academy Smart Strap 80 0 20 Greatly boosts a student's Int-pocket academy Int
Cupid arrow-pocket academy Cupid Arrow 150 150 150 Makes a student confess to another student
Devil arrow-pocket academy Devil Arrow 459 459 459 Breaks up a couple Legendary School
Name book-pocket academy Name Book 230 230 230 Can be used to change a student's name Prestigious School

Tracksuit ItemsEdit

These items only trigger when a student has changed into a tracksuit by using a Locker Rm.

Movement ItemsEdit

Movement Items allow student to move faster when on compatible tiles, or traverse tiles they would not be able to otherwise (water/ice). They also allow students to travel slightly farther than normal. Note that students travel faster when using items, they may actually travel slower if changing between different types of terrain often (Grass -> Wood Hall -> Grass -> Wood Hall).

Name Notes Unlock Condition
Rag Works on Wood Hall and Panel Hall tiles. Build Locker Rm
Boat Allows to travel over water (except in winter). Swim Meet, Summer Event
S-brd (Skateboard) Works on Dirt Path, Grass, and Sidewalk tiles. Athletic Meet, Autumn Event
Skates Allows to travel over ice (only in winter). School Trip, Autumn Event
Skis Works on Grassy slopes in winter (less likely to trigger if the Skateboard is available). Ski Lesson, Autumn Event

Educational KitsEdit

This section is a stub. Please help expand itNote: Confirm sale prices.

Used at random by students, and earns the school some money.

Name Notes Unlock Condition
Fishing Works on water tiles (even in winter). Certain unknown criteria seem to effect the price (perhaps Spirit).
  • Fish hook-pocket academy Fish got away ("Too hard", "Darn...") - Nothing (uncommon)
  • Fish-pocket academy Fish - $80-$360 (common)
  • Fish kettle-pocket academy Kettle - ("Kettle") $10-$16 (uncommon)
Park Stroll, Summer Event
Sketch Works on Wood Hall and Panel Hall tiles. Awards $50-$150. Art Festival, Autumn Event
Camera Camera (Pocket Academy) Works on Wood Hall and Panel Hall tiles. Awards $100-$210. Field Study, Summer Event


  • In the game files there's a image and name for another item that does not appear in game which is called Indoor shoes-pocket academy "Indoor Shoes". It is unknown what it would do.
  • In the game files there appears to be other items that can be caught while fishing, although they don't appear to be catch-able in-game (although they could just be rare):
    • Fish scroll-pocket academy Scroll
    • Fish boot-pocket academy Boot
    • Fish kairobot-pocket academy Kairobot
    • Fish pouch-pocket academy Pouch
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