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Name Bonus Price Description Notes
Scythe Atk +3, Work +8 20G A farming tool and weapon. Acquired from the training grounds.
Bokuto Atk +6 30G A sword made of hard wood. ?
Wakizashi Atk +9 80G A very sharp short sword. ?
Axe Atk +14 140G A heavy, powerful axe. ?
Naga Wakizashi Atk +18 180G A rather long sword. ?
Uchigatana Atk +28 320G A sword forged by a master. Sword tech 1.
Ninjato Atk +32 560G A sword that seeks out weak points. Sword tech 2.
Nodachi Atk +48 750G A powerful long sword. Sword tech 3.
Zanbato Atk +70 910G Cuts down mounted warriors. Sword tech 4.
Super Ninjato Atk +90 1,300G A giant ninja sword. Sword tech 4 + Ninja tech 4.
Bamboo Spear Atk +8, Def +5 100G A sharp spear made of bamboo. Initially available.
Long Spear Atk +12, Def +10 180G A simple spear, easy to handle. Spear tech 1.
Hook Spear Atk +18, Def +20 210G Can hook an enemy. Spear tech 2.
Double Hook Spear Atk +28, Def +30 420G A spear with two hooks. Spear tech 3.
Naginata Atk +40, Def +30 720G A powerful halberd. Spear tech 3 + Sword tech 3.
Big Spear Atk +34, Def +40 840G A large and powerful spear. Spear tech 4.
Wooden Bow Atk +15 160G A bow made of natural wood. Bow tech 1.
Triple Bow Atk +27 320G A compound wood & bamboo bow. Bow tech 2.
Four-Way Bow Atk +48 500G An improved compound bow. Bow tech 3.
Higo Bow Atk +60 780G A very powerful Japanese bow. Bow tech 4.
Musket Atk +36 300G A matchlock gun of foreign origin. Gun tech 1.
Repeater Atk +68 560G Can shoot two bullets at once. Gun tech 2.

Fires two bullets.

Rifle Atk +84 900G A repeater with a rifled barrel. Gun tech 3.

Fires three bullets.

Cannon Atk +100 1,250G Fires massive cannonballs. Gun tech 4.
Flame Cannon Atk +125 1,600G Fires flaming pitch grenades. Research Cannon + Pitch Grenade.
Claws Atk +15, Def +30 200G Iron claws for offense & defense. ?
Bat Atk +40 Used in a foreign game. Defeat Bearington.


Name Bonus Price Description Notes
Bandana Atk +1 Def +2 25G Tied on head for motivation.
False Beard Str +4 50G Look more manly.
Mask Mrk +4 50G Helps focus for ranged attacks.
Hairpin Hp +10 75G A cute ornamental hairpin.
Tenugui Work +10 110G Also helps prevent heatstroke.
Ribbon Hp +20 90G An imported ribbon.
Tokin Hat Hp +30 125G Worn by hermits.
Eye Patch Atk +3 130G Boosts vigor and attack power.
Straw Hat Def +5 Str +2 150G A hat made of woven straw.
Sandokasa Def +3 Str +6 175G A hat popular with gamblers.

Def +2 Mrk +6

190G A refined and elegant hat.
Glasses Mrk +10 200G A import that boosts vision.
Hachigane Def +5 Atk +2 210G A bandana with an iron plate.
Happuri Def +8 240G An iron Heian period mask.
Jinkasa Def + 5 Str +4 250G Can double as a cooking pot.
Banana Def +5 Hp +100 Greatly boosts HP. Training Grounds Lv. 50
Chick Def +10 Enemies hate attacking chicks. Village District.
Matsutake Work +30 Fragrant mushroom stirs motivation. Village District, Training Grounds Lv. 70
Baseball Cap Str +8 Mrk +8 Great for offense & defense. Defeat Bearington.


Name Bonus Price Description Notes
Breastplate Def +10 100G A simple breastplate. Initially available.
Cuirass Def +20 180G Simple body armor. Armor tech 1.
Hotoke Cuirass Def +30 360G Sturdy torso armor. Armor tech 2.
Sendai Cuirass Def +38 Improved torso armor. Training Grounds
Lacquer Cuirass Def +42 High-end torso armor. Training Grounds
Body Armor Def +40 630G Simple full-body armor. Armor tech 3.
Hotoke Armor Def +50 860G Sturdy full-body armor. Armor tech 4.
Sendai Armor Def +58 Improved full-body armor. Training Grounds
Lacquer Armor Def +62 High-end full-body armor. Training Grounds
Foreign Armor Def +60 1,200G Worn by foreign knights. Armor tech 5.
Kairo Armor Def +80 Work -20 Deflects all projectiles. Defeat the True Tokugawa
Shinobi Garb Def +5 Mrk +6 120G Improves ranged attacks. Initially available.
Fuma Garb Def +15 Mrk +20 220G Greatly improves ranged attacks. Ninja tech 1.
Chainmail Def +20 Mrk +18 260G Easy to move in, high defense. Ninja tech 2.
Ninja Mail Def +25 Mrk +30 580G Chainmail designed for ninjas. Ninja tech 3.
Iga Mail Def +40 Mrk +40 920G Ninja mail for the Iga clan. Ninja tech 4.
Kairo Mail Def +30 Mrk +60 Fight alongside a shadow double. Training Grounds Lv. 100
Kunoichi Garb Def +30 Atk +20 Can only be worn by women. Village District.
Loincloth Atk +20 Hp +50 Can only be worn by men. Village District.
Bunny Suit Def +40 Hp +250 Popular with children. Defeat the Bunnies.


Name Bonus Price Description Notes
Herb Recovery 15% Hp 100G Equip to recover 15% of HP. Initially Available
Rations Recovery 20% Hp 300G Equip to recover 20% of HP. Ninja tech 2.
Silver Capsule Recovery 30% Hp 500G Equip to recover 30% of HP. Defeat the Tokugawa Clan.
Tokugawa Pillbox Work +20 100G Equip to boost work ethic. Defeat the Tokugawa Clan.

Price increases with each purchase.

Shuriken Power +6 250G Give to infantry. Ninja tech 1.
8-Point Shuriken Power +10 380G Give to infantry. Ninja tech 3.
Pitch Grenade Power +30 550G Give to infantry. Ninja tech 4.
Baseball Power +8 Give to infantry. Defeat Bearington.
Ninja Dog A faithful ninja attack dog.

Atk 20 HP 80

Dog Dash [Boosts Infantry Speed]

Wild Boar A savage boar joins the cavalry.

Atk 40 HP 120

Arrow Resist [Reduce arrow damage by 5%]

Wolf A nearly extinct wolf joins the fight.

Atk 26 HP 100

Strategy 2 [Boosts unit's attack by 10%]

Bear A ferocious bear joins the cavalry.

Atk 60 HP 240

Melee Resist 2 [Reduces melee damage by 10%]

Tsuchinoko A legendary creature joins the fight.

Atk 20 HP 300 

Chain Attack 3 [Execute 3 additional melee attacks]

Crow A crow joins the fight.

Atk 14 HP 50

Melee Resist [Reduces melee damage by 5%] 

Toad Atk +20 Def +20 Equip to ride a giant toad.
Pony Wrk +5 Def -10 240G Equip to ride a pony.
Chestnut Horse None Equip to ride a chestnut horse.
Black Horse HP +20 Str +10 Equip to ride a black horse. Training Grounds Lv. 35
White Horse Mrk +10 Def +20 Equip to ride a white horse. Training Grounds Lv. 60/80