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Wario Shop[edit | edit source]

Image Item Description Cost Remarks (if any)
Diamond Exchange I (shopkeeper) can exchange your (players') Diamond for Medals x5. 1 diamond
Carpenter Recruits a new skilled carpenter. 1st: 30 Medals
2nd: 81 Medals
3rd: 138 Medals
Bearington Hammer Used to clear trees from the surrounding area. 40 Medals Max. 10
Raffle Ticket A raffle scratch card. Top price is an all-expenses-paid vacation! 25 Medals
Popularity Seed Boosts a facility's popularity. 10 Medals
Price Seed Boosts a facility's prices. 10 Medals
Popularity Seed Pack A special value pack of 5 Popularity Seeds. 45 Medals
Price Seed Pack A special value pack of 5 Price Seeds. 45 Medals

Raffle Shop[edit | edit source]

Staff Uniform[edit | edit source]

Image (Male) Image (Female) Name Unlock Condition (in new game)
Hawaiian Shirt Win special prize the first time.
Hotel Uniform Win special prize the second time.
Maid Outfit Win special prize the third time.
Swimwear Win special prize the fourth time.
Santa Costume Win special prize the fifth time.

Seeds and Fruit[edit | edit source]

Image Item Description
Scenery Seed Boosts a facility's scenery.
Popularity Fruit Boosts a facility's popularity.

Store[edit | edit source]

Image Item Description Best on
Soda A sugary drink jam-packed with refreshing bubbles. Lounge Facilities, Hot Springs
Milk Ice cold milk, freshly delivered from a local farm this morning. Lounge Facilities
Coffee Coffee with a mellow, well-rounded aroma to keep you awake and focused. Lounge Facilities
Charcoal Coal used to grill food. Gives dishes a subtly smoky flavor. Restaurants
Bath Salts Stores, Hot Springs, Flower Shop, Ceramics Workshop
Potpourri Dried fruits and flowers to keep a room smelling fresh. Stores, Restrooms, Flower Shop
Honey A sweet, nutritious goop made by hardworking bees. Makes a great gift. Restaurants, Roasted Chestnut Cart
Flower Poster Brightens up a room with its vivid colors. Stores, Lounge Facilities, Flower Shop
Comic Books All the modern classics of graphic storytelling for your reading pleasure. Reading Rooms, Stores, Ramen Stall, Restroom, Coffee Shop
Vinyl Album The old school way to enjoy music. Long live analog! Cafes, Yoga Studio, Antique Store
Floor Cushion A cushion so comfy you'll be able to sit on it for hours at a time. Tatami Rooms, Restaurants
Teddy Bear An adorable stuffed toy that appeals to the little kid in all of us. Stores, Gumball Machines
Track Shoes Light, breathable, footwear that's easy to run in. Ping Pong Tables, Exercise Machines, Restrooms, Sports Gym, Western Room, Yoga Studio, Boutique
Glasses Stylish designer frames. Slap them on for that "sophisticated intellectual" look. Reading Rooms, Computer Rooms, Pop Gun Gallery, Archery Range, Boutique
Hanging Scroll A simple yet refined black-and-white landscape painting. Tatami Rooms, Tea Rooms, Gallery, Flower Workshop, Antique Store, Exclusive Restaurant
TV Comes with the latest high-definition plasma screen technology. Restaurants, Lounge Facilities, Arcade
Urn A priceless treasure from antiquity. Found at a local yard sale. Guest Rooms, Galleries, Ceramics Workshop
Gold Leaf Gold hammered into extremely thin sheets. Used to decorate ornaments. Western Rooms, Stores

Environment[edit | edit source]

Image Decoration Effect Remarks (if any)
Flower Seeds Scenery +1
Hydrangea Scenery +4

(Scenery +6 when in bloom)

Azalea Scenery +6

(Scenery +8 when in bloom)

Pink Azalea Scenery +8

(Scenery +12 when in bloom)

Black Bamboo Scenery +2
Pine Tree Scenery +4

(Scenery +7 when in bloom)

Plum Tree Scenery +5

(Scenery +9 when in bloom)

Bamboo Scenery +5
Palm - hot springs story 2.gif
Palm Tree Scenery +5
Maple - hot springs story 2.gif
Maple Tree Scenery +6

(Scenery +9 in fall)

Ginkgo - hot springs story 2.gif
Ginkgo Tree Scenery +5

(Scenery +9 in fall)

Magnolia - hot springs story 2.gif
Magnolia Scenery +7
Holly Bush Scenery +7
Camellia - hot springs story 2.gif
Camellia Scenery +7

(Scenery +10 when in bloom)

Myrtle Scenery +7

(Scenery +10 when in bloom)

Cherry Tree Scenery +7

(Scenery +11 when in bloom)

Fir Tree Scenery +8

(Scenery +12 in winter)

White pine - hot springs story 2.gif
White Pine Scenery +9
Checkerboard Lawn
Plant Movement Speed +2
Large Plant Movement Speed +3
Seasonal Plant Movement Speed +4
Ornamental Rocks Scenery +2
Mossy Stone Scenery +4
Lantern Scenery +3
Wooden Lantern Scenery +5
Beckoning cat
Little Statue Scenery +3 Slightly raise all other scenery as well
Racoon Statue Scenery +3
Bamboo Fountain Scenery +7
Lily Pond Scenery +12

(Scenery +18 in summer)

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