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Items become available for purchase from Pumpkin Products. With the exception of 1-time purchases, prices gradually increase as you buy more of an item. You can hold no more than 99 of any given item in your inventory at a time.

T = tickets | RP = Research Points | K = Thousands of dollars

Pumpkin Products[edit | edit source]

Pumpkin Products
Name Init. Price Max Price Description Requirement
Fast Mode On 50T Enables fast mode (permanent). Auto-saves on purchase. Win any ticket contest
Transfer Data 10T Allows you to carry some data into a new game. Captures data and saves at time of purchase. Dialogue triggers near end of 20Y
Job Change Pass 2T 8T Attempts to change a tenant's job. Cannot be used for high-end jobs. Initially Available
Rare Job Pass 8T Attempts to change a tenant's job with a 30% bonus and also allows for high-end jobs. Win National Comfort
Love Scroll 10T 15T Strengthens a tenant's relationships by 1.5 hearts. Win Regional Rent
Level Scroll 15T 20T Increases job or furnishing level. Win National Comfort
Youth Scroll 15T 25T? Stops aging for 2 years; can only be used on working-age adults, once per tenant. Win Regional Comfort
Fast Research 150T Lets you complete research instantly (permanent). Auto-saves on purchase.

Win Highest Occupancy

Win National Rent

Building Tips 5T Reveals one of the 80 Special Room combinations you choose (they come in the order they are displayed in-game). Ticket cost is per room revealed. Win National Rent
20 RP 2T 25T Allows you to buy RP with tickets. Initially Available
Change Hobby 25RP 500RP Changes a tenant's hobby. Win National Rent
Rent Booster 25.0K 500.0K Boosts rent (up to $0.4K), fitness and charisma (up to 50) bonuses. Win Regional Comfort
Comfort Booster 15.0K 300.0K Boosts comfort (up to 7 then small random chance), intelligence and hobby (up to 50) bonuses. Win National Comfort
Fashion Magazine 0.8K 5.6K Boosts charisma slightly. Initially Available
Hair Wax 2.7K 18.9K Boosts charisma. Win Regional Rent
Mobile Phone 6.3K 44.1K Boosts charisma greatly. Win Regional Comfort
Pricey Necklace 13.2K 92.4K Boosts charisma tremendously. Win any ticket contest
Pencil 1.2K 8.4K Boosts intellect slightly. Initially Available
Dictionary 4.3K 30.1K Boosts intellect. Win Regional Comfort
Tablet 10.1K 70.7K Boosts intellect greatly. Win National Rent
Computer 21.1K 147.7K Boosts intellect tremendously. Win any ticket contest
Comic Book 1.4K 9.8K Boosts hobby slightly. Initially Available
Action Figure 5.0K 35.0K Boosts hobby. Win Regional Rent
MP3 Player 11.8K 86.2K Boosts hobby greatly. Win National Comfort
Carpentry Set 24.6K 172.2K Boosts hobby tremendously. Win any ticket contest
Dumbbells 1.8K 12.6K Boosts fitness slightly. Initially Available
Cleats 6.3K 44.1K Boosts fitness. Win National Comfort
Ball Set 14.7K 102.9K Boosts fitness greatly. Win National Rent
Corrective Brace 30.8K 215.6K Boosts fitness tremendously. Win any ticket contest

Ticket Shop[edit | edit source]

Here we sell tickets--premium items not easily found anywhere else in the world. They're a bit pricey, so think carefully before buying, okay? Heh heh. This shop will be open at all times now, so stop by anytime.
— Wairobot (Dream House Days)
  • In addition to Pumpkin Products, Wairobot runs a Ticket Shop where you can buy tickets, the game's premium currency. You gain tickets in other ways, but Wairobot's shop is the only way to permanently remove the banner ads from the game. It costs ¥450, or the standard price of a Kairosoft app, to do so.

Bearington Construction[edit | edit source]

Expansion[edit | edit source]

  • The cost for researching the expansion is free.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • You can research no more than than three things at once. (Manager)
  • The Job Change Pass is only effective on working-age adults.
  • Since tickets are so rare, Wairobot decided to sell part of his personal collection to fund his political career.
  • Rare items that were capped before a data transfer will drop in quantity (amounts of 8 to 15 have been seen) in the new game.
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