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Countries[edit | edit source]

The game is divided into several countries. Each country has different islands to explore. Unlocking countries is done by increasing population. Changing countries can be done by talking to the king at the Base Island.
This is the list of countries and the population needed to unlock them :

  • Euripitan Union. Starting Country, available at the start. - "The first country, with many islands".
  • Armonica (Unlocked at 3500 Population) - "A frigid region".
  • Meripito (Unlocked at 10,000 Population) - "A kingdom with a warm climate".
  • Umadbro Islands (Unlocked at 25,000 Population) - "Islands with steep mountains".
  • Treelania (Unlocked at 40,000 Population) - "A heavily wooded continent".
  • Pirate Seas (Unlocked at 70,000 Population) - "A region infested by pirates".
  • Kairo Islands (Unlocked at 100,000 Population) - "Robots are sometimes seen here".

Islands[edit | edit source]

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Each island has a strength level, providing a general guide to the difficulty of monsters that spawn during quests and on the deck while at that island (monsters spawned during unlocked "major" quests will be much higher than the listed strength level). Aside from that, each island also has a monster frequency rate which indicates how often monsters will appear on the deck. Docking at an island with a high spawn rate means the crew will fight more often, decreasing facility usage but increasing loot. Fleet Rank indicates the fleet rank that's needed to clear all quest on the Island. Additionally, each island has an activity gauge, which depletes as resources are gathered, monsters are fought on deck, and residents of buildings shop on the ship, and refills when not docked at that island. When the activity gauge is empty, monster spawn and resident activity are greatly reduced. Finally, an island that has shops built will have associated shop meters. Allowing residents of the shops to visit your ship will fill these meters; completing a meter resets the meter and awards items.

Every island has a questing spot, where stamina is spent to send combat groups on quests. Some islands start partially obscured and will be revealed once a certain quest (usually a boss quest) is completed. Completing all quests on an island will grant a reward from the King, consisting of a Medal of Conquest relic, medals, a monster flute, and additional items. Completing quests may also unlock additional unexplored regions.

Aside from a questing spot, islands may have some pre-built buildings and vacant lots. Vacant lots may be used to build new buildings, increasing population, facility effect, or shop stock.

Monsters column lists the monsters that appear on the island either on the deck or at questing areas, which can be useful when attempting to clear Monster Hunt Campaigns.

* indicates the monster can be found on deck battle.

Codes in parentheses, such as (D+++), indicate repeatable quests that spawn that monster.

Bold text denotes rare monsters.

Note :

  • Monster Hunt Campaigns count both v1 and v2 monsters. This allows stronger players to participate in campaigns without being forced to hunt on lower-level islands. e.g Jellio 2 will count toward the campaign to hunt Jellio.
  • Quest Team: one important thing is that you can add the number of teams that could go on quests. Instead of the normal one 5-person team per quest, you can bring up to 4 (20 people) teams by using "Quest Team+1" item from the special shop (3 available at Rank 20/35/100, priced 15/30/50 medals). The teams will fight in one formation line, just like the enemy's team. This also works in online (PvP) battles. Doing so, of course, would increase the chance of success dramatically, be it questing or battling.
Name Country Strength Lvl
(Fleet Rank)
M. Frequency Pre-built Vacant Lots Quest Number Remarks Monsters
Base Island (Rank 18) None (Can force spawn with Monster Flute) Tavern Variable 8 Base's Vacant Lot will increase when finishing King's Rewards Blobbin(F+, E+++)

Squido(F+, E+++)

Neighbor Island Euripitan Union Lv.1 Rare Hut 
Blade Shop
0 4 Blobbin
Shabby Island Euripitan Union Lv.2 Some Hut 
Armor Shop
0 5 Dropplet
Cheery Island Euripitan Union Lv.8 Rare House 

Weapon Shop

2 5 Pyonpo
Business Island Euripitan Union Lv.6 Many Monster Farm
Acc Shop
2 5 *Electrahop(F+++, E+++)

*Metabok(F+++, E+++)
*Granitron(F+++, E+++, Boss)
*Torton(F+++, E+++)

Sandy Island Euripitan Union Lv.8 Rare 0 4 Squido
Toasty Island Euripitan Union Lv.12 Some Ranged Shop
Dice Game
0 5 *Electrahop
*Crocogator(Boss, D)
Tutanhop(E+, D)
Greendra(E+, D)
Puffy(E+, D)
Machbat(E+, D)
Shelldon(E+, D)
Mandragora(E+, D)
Tropical Island Euripitan Union Lv.12 Some Prison Outpost 3 5 *Jabber
Lake Island Euripitan Union Lv.15 Many Monster Farm
Water Wheel
0 5 Jellio
Dev Island Euripitan Union Lv.25
(Rank 27)
Many Lighthouse
0 5 Hottie
King Plomp
Hermit Crabby
Big Island Euripitan Union Lv.25
(Rank 29)
Many Dice Game 3 4 Hermit Crabby
Titan Jr.
King Plomp
Bright Island Euripitan Union Lv.50
(Rank 31)
Some 0 5 Octovar
King Plomp
Hermit Crabby
Chilly Island Euripitan Union Lv.50
(Rank 33)
Some 0 5 Octovar
King Plomp
Hermit Crabby
Frigid Island Euripitan Union Lv.50 Some House 
Prison Outpost
0 6

Undead Cap'n(Boss, D+++)
*Hermit Crabby(D+++)
*King Plomp(D+++)
*Rock Golem 


  • Blue Kairobit
Placid Island Euripitan Union Lv.75 Many Fancy House 3 5 *Spikeon
King Wairobot(Boss, D++)
*Titan Jr.(D++)
*Alpaca Rider(D++)
Mystery Island Euripitan Union Lv.75 Many Blacksmith 3 6 *Fleanix(D+++,C)
*Alpaca Rider(D+++,C)
Metabok 2(C Boss)
*Titan Jr.(C)
Undead Cap'n(C Boss)
Baelzebub(C Boss)
*Blue Kairobit
Warm Island Armonica Lv.16 Many 0 4 *Broccolin (D)

*Dark Sparkler (D)



*Mimico (D)

*Moeyama (D)

*Pastypuff (D)

*Pyonpo (D as Boss)

*Snackle (D)

*Stinger (D)

*Trent (D)

Birdy Island Armonica Lv.18 Some 0 4 *Broccolin

Greendra (D+)

Gyozan (D+ as Boss)

*Machbat (D+)

Mandragora (D+)


*Pastypuff (D+)

Puffy (D+)

Shelldon (D+)





*Tutanhop (D+)

Pressing Island Armonica Lv.22 Rare Monster Farm
0 4 Broccolin
Dark Sparkler
Calm Island Armonica Lv.28 Many 3 4 *Puffy(E+++,D+)
Short-Sleeve Island Armonica Lv.40 Some 3 4 Prickler
Seal Knight
Undead Cap'n
Smile Island Armonica Lv.55 Rare Hut
0 4 Gillan
Undead Cap'n
Seal Knight
Minus Island Armonica Lv.64 Many Fancy House
Dice Game
Prison Outpost
0 5 Crabbo

Seal Knight

Frozen Island Armonica Lv.64
(Rank 33)
Many 0 4 Crabbo
Undead Cap'n
Bright Kingdom Armonica Lv.95 Many 4 4 Appear after completing all Euripitan Union Islands Titan Jr.
*Alpaca Rider(D+,C)
Comfort Island Armonica Lv.95 Many Kairo Center
Fancy House
0 4 Appear after completing all Euripitan Union Islands Firaj
Alpaca Rider
Sleepy Island Meripito Lv.78
(Rank 40)
Some Sally Prin's
1 5


  • Kairobot(S+++)
Forgetful Island Meripito Lv.88
(Rank 46)
Many Monster Farm
Kairo Center
1 5 *Metabok(D++,C+)
Skello(C+ Boss)
Mellow Island Meripito Lv.165
(Rank 44)
Some Dice Game
Prison Outpost
1 5 *Metabok(D++,C+++)
Ickle(C+++ Boss)
Hifuteki(C+++ Boss)
Tired Island Meripito Lv.125
(Rank 44)
Rare Lighthouse 0 5 Kairobit
Forest Park Umadbro Islands Lv.92
(Rank 51)
Some 0 3 *Pyon 2(C+++)
*Jabber 2(C+++)
*Sneak 2(C+++)
*Mr. Weensy(C+++)
Puffy 2(C+++)
*Granitron 2(C+++)
Hotalot Devil 2(C+++)
*Wizzle 2
Bolem 2(C+++Boss)
*Titan Jr. 2(C+++)
UFO 2(C+++Boss)
Unexplored Island Umadbro Islands
(Rank 68)
Lv.115 Many 3 4 *Thanatos(D+++)
*Sneak 2(D+++)
Jellio 2(B+)
*Jabber 2(D+++)
Squido 2(B+)
Torton 2(B+)
Snackle 2(B+)
Moeyama 2(D+++ Boss ,B+)
*Titan Jr. 2
*Granitron 2(D+++)
*Pyon 2(D+++)
*Mr. Weensy(D+++)
*Wizzle 2(D+++)
*Puffy 2(D+++)
Crocogator 2(B+)
Prickler 2(B+)
Hottle 2(B+)
Electrahop 2(B+)
Reddra 2(B+ Boss)
*Hotalot Devil 2
Heavy Island Umadbro Islands Lv.210
(Rank 77)
Many Prison Outpost
Water Wheel
0 2 *Snackle 2(B+++)
*Crocogator 2(B+++)
*Torton 2(B+++)
*Jellio 2(B+++)
*Firaj 2(B+++)
*Electrahop 2(B+++)
*Squido 2(B+++)
*Moeyama 2(B+++)
*Prickler 2(B+++)
*Hottle 2(B+++)
Mr. Weeny 2(B+++ Boss)
Gotcha Island Treelania Lv.145 Some 0 5 *Merble 2(C+,B)
*Pastypuff 2(C+,B)
*Broccolin 2(C+,B)
*Cheep 2(C+,B)
*Skellet 2(C+,B)
*Blinko 2(C+,B)
*Rock Golem 2(C+,B)
*Granitron 2(C+,B)
*Bolem 2(C+,B)
*Shelldon 2(C+,B)
Skully 2(C+,B)
*Froggle 2(C+,B)
Prickler 2(B Boss)
Chomper Island Treelania Lv.232 Some Blacksmith
Fancy House
0 5 *Pyonpo 2(C+,B+)
*Eelgor 2(C+,B+)
*Mandragora 2(C+,B+)
*Octovar 2(C+,B+)
*Skelton 2(C+,B+)
*Tortugan 2(C+,B+)
*Ickle 2(C+,B+)
*Hermit Crabby 2(C+,B+)
*Stumper 2(C+,B+)
*Baelzebub 2(C+,B+)
*Sassa 2(C+,B+)
Squido 2(C+ Boss)
Gyozan 2(B+ Boss)
Pastypuff 2(B+ Boss)
Secluded Island Treelania Lv.218
(Rank 59)
Many Water Wheel 
Ranged Shop
Acc Shop
0 5 *Pyonpo 2(C++,B+++)
*Eelgor 2(C++,B+++)
*Mandragora 2(C++,B+++)
*Octovar 2(C++,B+++)
*Skelton 2(C++,B+++)
*Tortugan 2(C++,B+++)
*Ickle 2(C++,B+++)
*Hermit Crabby 2(C++,B+++)
*Stumper 2(C++,B+++)
*Sassa 2(C++,B+++)
Baelzebub 2(C++,B+++)
Sneak 2(C++ Boss,B+++ Boss)
Electrahop 2(C++ Boss,B+++ Boss)
Rock Golem 2(B+++ Boss)
Tottori Island Pirate Seas Lv.220
(Rank 77)
Many Sally Prin's
Dice Game
0 3 Gyozan 2
Cobrash 2
Hoplion 2
Boxle 2
Oompa 2
Gillan 2
Tonatona 2
Rex 2
Faint Island Pirate Seas Lv.350
(Rank 77)
Many 2 3 Gillan 2
Seal Knight 2
Spikeon 2
Fleanix 2
Crabbo 2
Undead Cap'n 2
Clammo 2
Mimico 2
Alpaca Knight 2
Sassa 2
Craggy Island Pirate Seas Lv.270
(Rank 77)
Many 0 6 Crabbo 2
Undead Cap'n 2
Spikeon 2
Clammo 2
Mimico 2
Fleanix 2
Gillan 2
Sassa 2
Alpaca Knight 2
Salimon 2
Seal Knight 2
Skello 2
Kairo Island Kairo Islands Lv.450
(Rank 77)
Some Kairo Center
Dice Game
2 15 Sassa 2
King Wairobot 2
Mr. Weensy 2
Drazilla 2
Collasquido 2
Dark Sparkler 2
Kappataro 2
Froggle 2

Repeatable Quests and Drop Lists[edit | edit source]

On each Island, there are usually several repeatable Quests. These quests have a higher stamina consumption than normal quests, however it's redoable as long players have enough stamina. From these quests, players can get items, equipments, ship structures, and capture some NPCs to be recruited later.

Note :

  • Jobs column indicate what job is capturable in the particular Island/Quest.
Island Q. Rank Stam Items Equipments Structures Jobs
Base Island E +++ 18 Dojo, Library Seadog, Pirate, Trader, Archer
E 13 Field, Tree
F +++ 4 Bath, Bush, Tree, Bench, Aquarium, Flowers, Lamp
F + 1
Neighbor Island E + 15 1☆ Egg, Rare Spice Seadog, Archer, Nomad, Trader
F + 2 Cleaver, Dagger, Sailor Wand, Simple Bow
Shabby Island E ++ 16 Katana Trader, Mage
F ++ 11
Cheery Island E +++ 19 Dance Hall Smith, Sailor
Cheery Island E 15 Rare Spice
Cheery Island F ++ 2
Business Island E +++ 17 Ribbon Dojo
Business Island F +++ 13 1☆ Egg
Sandy Island E +++ 20 Falcon Knife Chapel, Field
Toasty Island D 20 Hero Axe Boxer
Toasty Island E + 13 Rare Cloth
Tropical Island D + 22 Library
Tropical Island E ++ 15 1☆ Egg
Lake Island D + 22 2☆ Egg, Egg Color Down (R) Kitchen, Aquarium Seadog, Boxer, Lancer
Lake Island E +++ 15 1☆ Egg
Dev Island D + 23 Egg Color Down (B) Legend Ring Fancy Chair, Ammo Room, Dart Room Dancer, Cadet, Clown
Dev Island E +++ 16 Tackle Room
Big Island D ++ 24 Rare Ore Casino, Guardian Armor, Lavatory Cadet, Worker, Joiner, Clown
Big Island E +++ 12 Tree Nursery, Map Room, Chat Room, Juice bar, Aid Station
Bright Island D ++ 23 Egg Color Up (P) Legend Sword Training Room, Goddess Statue
Bright Island E +++ 11
Chilly Island D ++ 25 Skill Tonic Legend Bow Guard, Clown, Joiner
Chilly Island D + 16 2☆ Egg, Rare Essence
Frigid Island D +++ 26 Skill Tonic Legend Mail News Room, Legendary Sword Joiner, Dancer, Clown, Cadet, Wizard
Frigid Island D ++ 21 Royal Cap, Falcon Boots, Iron Cuirass
Placid Island D ++ 22 Egg Color Down (Y) Tree Nursery Mage, Thief, Seer, Golem, Rebel
Mystery Island C 26 Skill Tonic, 3☆ Egg Legend Sword, Sea Hammer Study Mage, Thief, Seer, Golem, Rebel
Mystery Island D +++ 18 2☆ Egg (100% chance) Pool
Mystery Island D ++ 8 Dart Room, Pig Stall, Dance Hall, Pool, Lucky Bird, Art Room, Study, Painting
Warm Island D 18 2☆ Egg Diamond Ring Bush, Lucky Bird Fisher, Priest, Rogue, Genius
Birdy Island D + 24 Miracle Mail Tackle Room Fisher, Priest, Rogue, Genius
Pressing Island D 20 2☆ Egg, Egg Color Down (P) Legend Axe Casino, Art Room Bookie, Guard, Gunman, Priest, Sniper
Pressing Island E 8 Chicken Stall, Shooting Range, Goddess Statue, News Room, Mail Room,
Calm Island D + 25 2☆ Egg Sniper Rifle Compass , Chat Room
Calm Island E +++ 8 Hook
Short-Sleeve Island D ++ 21 Rare Medicine, Brave Book Legend Helm, Dragon Sword Mail Room Dancer, Viking, Guard, Priest
Smile Island D ++ 26 Rare Gem Legend Spear Juice Bar Dancer, Viking, Guard, Priest
Smile Island D 10
Minus Island D ++ 25 Legend Knife Thief, Rogue, Guard, Priest, Viking
Minus Island D + 10 Pendant
Frozen Island D ++ 26 Skill Tonic, 2☆ Egg, Egg Color Down (Bk) Legend Gun Museum Dancer, Viking, Guard, Priest, Rogue
Frozen Island D + 10 Rare Ore
Bright Kingdom C 29 Skill Tonic, Egg Color Up (Bk) Legend Wand Mage, Thief, Seer, Golem, Rebel
Bright Kingdom D + 10 Crystal Wand
Comfort Island D ++ 28 Silver Ring , Holy Hat
Comfort Island D + 8
Sleepy Island C + 30 Rare Spice, 3☆ Egg, Skill Tonic Dart Room, Bench, Chat Room Seadog, Sailor, Guard, Mage
Sleepy Island D + 10 Rare Food, Rare Spice, Rare Medicine Legend Knife Legendary Sword
Forgetful Island C + 33 Rare Cloth, 3☆ Egg, Skill Tonic Juice Bare Lancer, Gunman, Bookie, Doctor
Forgetful Island D ++ 10 2☆ Egg Legendary Sword, Lavatory, Chapel, Cow Stall, Master Dojo, Compass,
Mellow Island C +++ 32 Rare Essence Bear Hammer Flowers, Lavatory, Chapel Lancer, Gunman, Doctor, Bookie
Mellow Island D ++ 12
Tired Island C +++ 32 Rare Ore Bear Hammer Master Dojo, Bath, Tree Nursery Lancer, Gunman, Bookie,
Tired Island C 12 3☆ Egg Trident , Hook, Hero Bow
Forest Park C +++ 36 3☆ Egg, Rare Cloth Daisy's Bow, Legend Knife Kitchen, Dojo Mage, Guard, Sniper
Unexplored Island B + 44 Rare Essence, Sailing Book, Skill Tonic Daisy's Bow, Legend Knife Fancy Chair, Library Mage, Guard, Sniper, Thief
Unexplored Island D +++ 24 Crystal Wand , Gold Hammer, Dragon Sword, Fairy Hammer, Black Sword , Daisy's Bow
Heavy Island B +++ 50 Paella, Skill Tonic, Rare Ore, Curiosity Book Legend Shield, Legend Knife Guardian Armor, Ammo Room, News Room Mage, Bookie, Pilot, Seer
Gotcha Island B 34 Rare Food Legend Knife, Doom Axe Casino, Map Room, Tree Sniper, Bookie, Wizard, Major
Gotcha Island C + 14 Recovery Tonic
Chomper Island B + 32 4☆ Egg, Brave Book Aid Station, Tree Sniper, Thief, Fencer, Outlaw
Chomper Island C + 12 Rare Gem, Rare Medicine
Secluded Island B +++ 40 4☆ Egg, Rare Medicine, Skill Tonic Fairy Wand, Fairy Shield Field, Cow Stall, Mail Room
Secluded Island C ++ 14 3☆ Egg
Tottori Island B +++ 50 Rare Food, Paella Kairo Blade, Legend Knife Training Room, Study, Goddess Statue Mage, Sniper, Noble, Golem
Faint Island A ++ 50 5☆ Egg, Rare Gem, Brave Book Monkey Gun, Legend Knife Lucky Bird, Water Jug, Pig Stall Mage, Sniper, Viking, Wizard, Ninja, Golem, Hero, Noble
Craggy Island S 50 Skill Tonic, Rare Gem Wairo Shield, Legend Knife, Legend Sword Art Room, Pool Viking, Wizard, Ninja, Golem, Hero
Craggy Island B +++ 26 Melee Book Reflector Mess Hall
Kairo Island S +++ 50 5☆ Egg, Kairo Cake, Skill Tonic, Melee Book, Rare Essence Legend Knife, Prin's Spear Art Room, Compass, Tackle Room, Painting Viking, Doctor, Dancer, Guard

Super Monsters[edit | edit source]

On difficulties higher than Normal? (Nightmare Confirmed), Super version of monsters can appear during a quest. They usually appears at the boss group on a quest. They can be distinguished a bigger image than their normal counterpart. Aside from the big appearance, they also have super stats with HP estimated at 8x-10x the normal version has, and other stats estimated at 150% of their normal counterpart.

Their appearance can usually be predicted by the appearance of red warning text during the quest selection screen. Due to their very dangerous nature, avoiding them should be top priority especially for players who are not prepared.

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