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There are many different islands you can visit, some with inhabitants, and others with nothing but treasure and monsters.

Caves do not need to be cleared to unlock the next island (ex.: Damp Cave on Sunny Isle).
Expedition area-beastie bay

Exploring a new area


When going on expeditions, there are many thing to consider, such as the level of the area and the monster types.

When exploring an area, food cost is calculated as such: Each ally in your party (even if wounded) costs 1 food. When you discover a hidden cave, the level will increase by 8.

Pick Island Appear when all expedition Grow to lv.85 and Explore Nightmare Course ​​​​​​​Confirm


After saving Carre Island from the beasts you can start to invest in islands to improve tourism (Population, Assets and later on Transport) and trading (Trade, which will affect P. Pumpkin's assortment).

Sunny Isle (Japan)Edit

This is your own island. While you can change its name, this is the default name, and should be referred to as such.

SunnyIsle (Beastie Bay)

Sunny Isle

Name Level Resident Boss Chest Notes
First Beach 1 Wooden Claws
Waterfront Hill 1 Paper Cloak
Rich Plateau 2 P. Pumpkin Metabok
Old Harbor 2 Young Chimpan Old Dock
Starry Sands 2
Babbling Forest 4 Ella Whit Mecha Chimp
Damp Cave 5 Jacques Bleu Generator Repeatable
Jumbo Mountains 12 Clinic Old Bridge
Long Beach 19 Inn Old Bridge
Upland Springs 12 Enhancements
Cool Cave 18 James Duggin Repeatable
Cheery Gulf 15 John Hilton Mecha Chimp Cultural Building
Sea Cave 25 Repeatable
Desolate Island 27 Dr. Takashi Bearly
Legendary Pass 38 Firaj Tattered Book

Tiny Isle (Nauru)Edit

On Tiny Isle you find the Deserted Quarter which you can repeat any time you like. Besides Transport technology, you can also find the ability to research the Ancient Book on a higher level of this area.

TinyIsle (Beastie Bay)

Tiny Isle

Name Level Resident Boss Chest Notes
Quite Waterfall 3 Electric Power Non-repeatable
Deserted Quarter 4 Grizzly Bearington Bearly Transport Repeatable

Carre Isle (Chile)Edit

Unlocks after you clear the first part of Sunny Isle (up to Babbling Forest).

CarreIsle (Beastie Bay)

Carre Isle

Name Level Resident Boss Chest Notes
Cherry Forest 5 Carre Isle Resident Metabolin Steel Knife Non-repeatable
Lighthouse Shore 5 Solar Panels Non-repeatable
Watermill Peaks 6 Campground Non-repeatable
Hot Springs Hills 6 Steve Jibs, Carre Isle Resident Hawker Meadows Repeatable
Deep Cave 9 Thick Book Repeatable
Hidden Cave A ~21 3x Freezon Devil Tidal Tome Repeatable

Hidden Cave A is hidden behind 3-star rock or tree on Hot Spring Hills at about level 21.

Metro Isle (Germany)Edit

Unlocks together with Deep Cave on Carre Isle.

MetroIsle (Beastie Bay)

Metro Isle

Name Level Resident Boss Chest Notes
Fisher's Wharf 8 Metro Isle Rep Donaught Non-repeatable
Beach Hill 9 Non-repeatable
Train Bridge 9 Potent Book Non-repeatable
Wide Plateau 10 May Salvage P. P.'s Toolbag, Repeatable
Capital River 11 Chubking Clinic Non-repeatable
Tingling Cave 12 Lighthouse Repeatable
Hidden Cave B ~26 3x Drazilla Storm Tome Repeatable

Hidden Cave B is hidden behind 5-star grass on Wide Plateau at about level 26.

Desert Isle (Egypt)Edit

Unlocks after defeating Chubking on Metro Isle. Shortly after you free the Desert Isle King, he finds an old map of Sunny Isle, which unlocks new areas on your island. Through gathering the Construction technology you can learn how to recycle and rearrange buildings or plants.

DesertIsle (Beastie Bay)

Desert Isle

Name Level Resident Boss Chest Notes
Bay of Ruins 12 Desert Isle King Stinger Windmill Non-repeatable
Sirocco Plains 14 Solar Power Non-repeatable
Blistering Hills 15 Wairobot Mochiporin Construction Repeatable
Hidden Cave C ~26 3x Firaj Gale Tome Repeatable

Hidden Cave C is hidden behind a 4-star rock on Blistering Hills at around level 25.

Chilly Isle (Iceland) Edit

Unlocks after defeating Mochiporin on Desert Isle. The Flying Technology (Hot Air Balloon) can be found on Frozen Mountain.

ChillyIsle (Beastie Bay)

Chilly Isle

Name Level Resident Boss Chest Notes
Ice Floe Cape 15 Flowers Non-repeatable
Blizzard Forest 16 Chilly Isle Res. Alpaca Rider Bridges Non-repeatable
Native Lands 17 Thermal Generator Non-repeatable
Frozen Mountain 19 Dr. Sobakasu Freezon Devil Orchards Repeatable
Hidden Cave D ~27 3x Tripplo Glacier Tome Repeatable

Hidden Cave D is hidden behind a 4-star rock on Frozen Mountain at about level 25.

Volcanic Isle (Denmark)Edit

Unlocks after defeating Mochiporin on Desert Isle.

VolcanicIsle (Beastie Bay)

Volcanic Isle

Name Level Resident Boss Chest Notes
Power Lab 19 Gravel Non-repeatable
Wellspring Valley 21 Mine Non-repeatable
Steamy Plains 23 Hotalot Devil Hot Spring Repeatable
Active Volcano 22 Tripplo Thermal Power Repeatable
Hidden Cave E ~28 Kerfuffle, Scout, Dabbler Inferno Tome Repeatable

Hidden Cave E is hidden behind a 4-star rock on Active Volcano at about level 28.

Enigma Isle (Uruguay)Edit

Unlocks after discovering all areas of Chilly Isle and Volcanic Isle.

EnigmaIsle (Beastie Bay)

Enigma Isle

Name Level Resident Boss Chest Notes
Moist Marsh 24 Gyozan Icicle Fangs Repeatable
Healthy Hill 25 Mochiporin White Muffler Non-repeatable
Elegant Lake 27 Sassa Hotel Repeatable
Wild Jungle 26 Drazilla Mysterious Book Non-repeatable
Secret Base 28 King Wairobot Skyscraper, Modern Aircraft Repeatable
Hidden Cave F ~32 3x Metablob Meteor Tome Repeatable

Hidden Cave F is hidden behind a 5-star tree in Secret Base at about level 31.

The "Modern Aircraft" is a piece of Survival Gear, which lets you do your explorations via Kairoman. You can learn how to use the Kairoman to reach Enigma Isle` after investing in it four times (in Hard Mode only).

Coliseum Isle (West Samoa)Edit

Unlocks when you have 100% explored all islands except the mystery ship. The only area is called Fortress of Mystery.

ColiseumIsle (Beastie Bay)

Coliseum Isle

Name Level Resident Boss Chest Notes
Beginner's Course 50 King Wairobot Repeatable
Standard Course 55 King Wairobot Repeatable
Moderate Course 60 King Wairobot Repeatable
Advanced Course 65 King Wairobot Repeatable
Master Course 70 King Wairobot Mastery Tome Repeatable

After having succeeded in all 5 couses, you can level up the cave to level 80 and the coliseum host unfold his true identity: Dr. Mochiporin. This also gives the ability to repeatably research Next-Gen Power. Completing Fortress of Mystery to 100% also gives you the Superalloy Spear, almost the most powerful weapon in the game.

Mystery ShipEdit

Although it's not actually an isle, it acts like one. This "Island" takes an eternity to be 100% completed compared to other Islands, for it can take about 33 expeditions!

Possible unlock conditions:

This article has an on-going discussion about how to unlock the Mystery Ship.
  • Unlocked when Lighthouse is built
  • Unlocks at Y 4 M 4, 3:00am (comfirmed)
MysteryShip (Beastie Bay)

Mystery Ship

Name Level Resident Boss Chest Notes
Mystery Ship 28 Undead Cap'n Grenade Repeatable

For 100% completion you get the Gold Muffler.

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