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Investments are a necessity for any farm manager. New buildings and visitor types can be unlocked for Gold allowing for greater attraction variety. Additionally, tours can be organised to drive high-volume sales for the top attractions.

Investments are unlocked in Y 2 M 1.


Advertising investments unlock new visitor types.

This table lists the cost and unlock conditions of each investment.

Advertising Investments Investment ad-pocket harvest
Name Cost Gold Visitor(s) Unlock Condition
Bonsai Festival 258,300 Comedian Automatically
Cooking Contest 107,100 Sushi Chef
Farm Idol 321,300 Explorer
Farm Tech Fair 220,500 Stew Seller
Hard Candy 63,000 Preschooler
Hiking Class 302,400 Head Nurse
Kite Festival 264,600 Boy Scout
Pickling Class 201,600 Noodle Chef
Soap Making Class 239,400 Pianist
Tourism Pamphlets 25,000
Initially Available
TV Shoot 176,400 Health Teacher
Veggie Fashion 157,500 Apparel Seller


These investments unlock new building types or increase the construction cap for existing structures. Cap increases can be performed repeatedly, though the cost increases with each investment.

This table lists the cost and unlock conditions of each investment. For repeatable investments the cost shown is the cost of performing the investment for the first time.

Facility Investments Investment facility-pocket harvest
Name Cost Gold Unlock Condition
Bamboo 65,000
Botanical Garden 115,000
Burial Mound 395,000
Cherry Trees 65,000
Cottage 380,000
Disaster Insurance 550,000
Drainage Pump 64,000
Dynamite 250,000
Fountain 310,000
Gift Shop 190,000
Hill 500,000
Lab 250,000
Lake 505,000
Milk Tank 280,000
Mountain 1,000,000
Photo Panels 50,000
Initially Available
Pancake Shop 395,000
Pine 65,000
Robot House 198,000
Shrine 410,000
Smokehouse 205,000
Sprinklers 72,000
Sunflowers 65,000
Well 50,000
Initially Available


The investments that are required to impress the invited.

Invitation Investments Investment invite-pocket harvest
Name Cost Gold Reward Unlock Condition
Carpenter Rest Area
Dairyman 337,500
Eye Doctor 99,000 Bird Blind
Hiker 45,000 Rest Area
Gardenist 301,500 Garden Shop
Potter Potter's Hut
Weaver 229,500 Weaver


Tours Investment tour-pocket harvest
Name Cost Presents Unlock
Fun Camp Tour 75,000 Gold

Copper Hoe
Blue Ox 300

Fruit Fair Tour 40,000 Gold

Harvest Card
Seed Card

Win a Fruit Fair
Kids Tour 50,000 Gold Research bulb-pocket harvest
Shopping Tour 20 Research bulb-pocket harvest Gold
Veggie Fair Tour 40,000 Gold Win a Veg Fair
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