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Once you get 15 allies, you can unlock the school, which is required to use instructors. For an instructor to appear in your game, you must first either release an ally, or enter in a "magic word", by going to Menu > Allies > Instructors, and then clicking a blank slot. You can have a max total of 30 instructors at once.

Magic words are obtained by dismissing an ally, making them an instructor, going to the list of instructors, clicking one, and choosing to "share". To release an ally, you must go to Menu > Allies > Dismiss, and choose the ally you wish to make an instructor (note that allies in your party cannot be dismissed until they are removed from you party). There's no level limit for an ally to become an instructor, but instructors can only train allies up to the level they once were. Magic words must be sent via email, but they may be sent to yourself.

The higher level the ally, the better the instructor. Once you build a school with an instructor, allies within the 8 adjacent squares become pupils automatically. Instructors can only train allies up to the level they were before being released. You may change a school's instructor at any time.

You are able to get an instructor without losing an ally by exploiting the fact the game doesn't auto-save when you dismiss an ally:

  1. Save
  2. Dismiss an ally, making them an instructor
  3. Share the code with yourself
  4. Exit your game (Menu > System > Title Screen)
  5. Load the saved game
  6. Enter in the code you sent yourself

Stats[edit | edit source]

Depending on an instructor's stats, the effect they have on their pupils will change:

  • Level - Instructors may only train their pupils up to the level that they were when they were dismissed.
  • Trait - The trait an instructor is affects a pupil's affinity to the instructor, which makes them learn faster or slower. Affinity is indicated by hearts above the pupil when viewing the school. An instructor's trait is not listed in-game, but it's the same as they were as an ally. Pupils who have the same trait as the instructor have the best affinity.
  • Intellect - Effects the rate at which pupil's learn. The increased rate appears to decrease every level, regardless of the intellect level.
  • Character - Personality of the instructor. This affects the affinity pupils will have for the instructor, and thus how fast a pupil will learn. For the best affinity, pupils should have a different character to their instructor.

List[edit | edit source]

This is a list of instructors other people have obtained, as well as their stats. Please note that for the "magic word", caps matter.

Feel free to add yours to the list, in order of highest level & intelligence to lowest.

If an instructor is listed as a "hack", that means that the code was created by going into the game's memory, modifying an ally (boosting their stats, such as int), and then generating the "magic word". While some of these works, they are not "dependable", so use at your own risk. Note that using a "hack" instructor will not harm your game in any way. Note that codes with / will not work.

You may need to add "==" at the end of codes for some of them to work.[Confirm]

Instructor Lvl Int Trait Character Magic Word Hack
Metabok 99 99 None trait.png None Average CEDMAfc0UDnMAWTXCjCABG/8 Yes.svg
Sally Prin 99 98 None trait.png None Average CEDMAXrbRhLMAWTKCuBUYgakGQ Yes.svg
Sally Prin 99 97 None trait.png None Average CEDMAWszWKbMAWTKCiBUYgakGQ== No.svg
Sally Prin 99 96 None trait.png None Average CEDMAWRrUsrMAWTKCmBUYgakGQ== No.svg
Sally Prin 99 95 None trait.png None Average CEDMAffT26/MAWTKCqBbYgakGQ== No.svg
Sally Prin 99 92 None trait.png None Average CEDMAeY7xRvMAWTKCmBbYgakGQ== No.svg
Sally Prin 99 89 None trait.png None Average CEDMAdQD5sfMAWTKCiBaYgakGQ== No.svg
Sally Prin 99 99 None trait.png None Cranky CEDMAXFMD6nMAWTFCjBABAZERA== ?
Kairobot 99 99 None trait.png None Diligent CEDMAcHqK+TMAWTFCjBAAzpERA Yes.svg
Kairobot 99 99 None trait.png None Stubborn CEDMAXlWTIHMAWTFCjBAAjpERA== No.svg
Kairobot 99 99 None trait.png None Clever CEDMAeSBdDjMAWTFCjBABTpERA== ?
Metablob 99 99 None trait.png None Brisk CEDMAdpFfW7MAWTFCjBAADZERA Yes.svg
Metabok 99 99 None trait.png None Average CEDMAfc0UDnMAWTXCjCABG/8 ?
Pyonpo 21 13 None trait.png None Average CEDMASE9A1vMAWTKCiBJPVJVaA== No.svg
Mochipork 99 99 Earth trait.png Earth Cranky CEDMAXZFp3XMAWTFCjBABAJERA== No.svg
Drazilla 99 99 Earth trait.png Earth Average CEDMAcehhYrMAWTXCjCAKW/8 Yes.svg
Caveshroom 1 9 Earth trait.png Earth Average CEDMAeUGczLMAWTKCiBOK2JVGQ== No.svg
Aquila 99 99 Wind trait.png Wind Clever CEDMAdDrWY3MAWTFCjBABQZFRA== No.svg
Sassa 99 99 Wind trait.png Wind Average CEDMASl859/MAWTXCjAAK2/8 Yes.svg
Firaj 99 99 Fire trait.png Fire Average CEDMASr4M7HMAWTXCjAAKW/8 No.svg
Tripplo 99 99 Fire trait.png Fire Brisk CEDMAchwj6bMAWTFCjBAAC5ERA== No.svg
Hifuteki 99 10 Fire trait.png Fire Average CEDMAas1MiTMAWTKCiBCYk51ag== ?
Chobot 99 99 Lightning trait.png Lightning Clever CEDMAWImgoHMAWTFCjBABfJFRA== No.svg
Zaus 99 58 Lightning trait.png Lightning Average CEDMAUKTN5TMAWTKCiBGYl51ag== No.svg
Freezon Devil 99 99 Water trait.png Water Diligent CEDMAYk94MTMAWTFCjBAA1pERA== No.svg
Gillan 99 99 Water trait.png Water Average CEDMASs6WYbMAWTXCjAAKG/8 No.svg
Eelgor 99 99 Water trait.png Water Average CEDMAQuV7E/MAWTKCuBdYjp1ag== ?
Machbat 2 6 Wind trait.png Wind Brisk CEDMAUBMr6fMAWS4CuBNM2itSJ3== No.svg
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