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Hot Springs Story is a simulation game where you run your own hot spring. Unlike other Kairosoft games, this theme is strongly Japanese. However, it is still completely playable without any knowledge of Japanese culture.


You start the game with a small, functional hot spring. As you play, you unlock more potential guests, structures, investment opportunities, learn new combos, and can expand the size of your hot spring! While you only have one hot spring per game, this allows you to build more stuff to allow a wider range of attractions for more guests.

You can buy many items, scenery, and upgrades for your hot spring, more becoming available as your game progresses and as you unlock and increase the popularity of guests.

Every year at month 5, "Golden Week" starts, which greatly increases the number of customers for that month.



Structures have 3 types, environmental, facilities, and stores. Environmental structures are used to increase the scenery of the surrounding area and use in combos, facilities are the base structures needed to run your hot spring, and stores are your main source of money.


Combos are created when 2 specific structures are within proximity to each other. For a combo to be created, these structure must be within 2 blocks of each other (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), and likewise effects all facilities in a 2 block range. Combos are similar to, but not the same as, bath effects.




The item award for obtaining first place is only award the first time you win first place in that guide. You obtain the cash reward each time.

The target may be changed once you ranked No 1.

Guide Target Point to win First Place Reward Notes
Money Items
Local Springs




300 $1000 Popularity Seed x2

Price Seed x2

The municipal guide. Pretty easy to rank high.

The popularity of facilities will affect your score, so upgrade as needed.

Prefectural Springs




A step up from your local fare. This one's tough.

The popularity of facilities will affect your score, so upgrade as needed.

Touring Japan




Features Japan's best. Very hard to rank high.

The popularity of facilities will affect your score, so upgrade as needed.

Le Nichelin Guide
Glamour Springs




Glamour seed x1

A renowned women's publication.

The popularity of facilities will affect your score, so upgrade as needed.

Top 100 Springs
Gourmet Springs


Pastry Chef

Yng Couple

The gourmet's guide to good eats. Prioritize food quality!

The popularity of Restaurants will affect your score, so upgrade as needed.

Relaxing Springs




6000 $2500 Popularity Seed x1
Price Seed x1
Relaxation Seed x1

Fore those tired souls seeking solace. Prioritize scenery!

The scenery of your facilities will affect your score, so upgrade as needed.

This is the only way
to obtain the "Relaxation Seed"

Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story.png Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.
  • [Cheat] Reload cheat - Save before a "special guest" arrives to critique your hot spring, and restart if they didn't like it.


  • In the game files there are art assets / structure names for an ATM machine as well as a Sushi Exhibit. However, these are not used in-game.
  • Unlike later Kairosoft games, if you exit the game, you are always brought to the main menu when you play it again. As such, remember to save first to be safe.
  • Certain structures have a boosted scenery bonus during certain seasons, yet no scenery bonus is applied to any environmental structures during Winter-HotSpringsStory.png winter.
  • Hotel Story, a game made by Happy Labs, is heavily inspired by Hot Springs Story.
  • Checked In in top room also can be found in World Cruise Story.
  • The people's sprite animation rate may a bit faster than in World Cruise Story.
  • Some of the structures also can be found in World Cruise Story.
  • Pinky hot steam may appear when press down center rounded softkey.

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