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There are three important purposes to the 14 available hobbies:
  • Getting a 20% bonus chance of getting hired if a hobby matching the job is found with 1.0% or above proficiency;
  • Unlocking new jobs at 25.0%, 50.0 and 99.0% proficiency, respectively;
  • Acquiring titles when the hobby exceeds 50.0% which provides a tenant with more income and wealth (the wealthiest tenant when rent is due is the one paying it, so it won't always be the head of the household).

Age ranges have a different set of titles, with Adult having the most. Only a child tenant can get all hobbies in the game, and only if they make it within their lifespan (15 years counting from child). Your starting tenant starts at age 5 and cannot get the child titles.

Depending on device/game version, the first tenant may lose hobbies, titles and stats in a New Game+.

A tenant acquires a hobby by using furniture that encourages it (this becomes their specialization) or when you use a Change Hobby item. Current specialization proficiency slowly increases with furniture use (0.3% to 0.5% per use regardless of furniture). If other hobbies already exceed milestones, tenants will still unlock jobs after using any furniture once (all in one go).

Only the first hobby to be discovered by a tenant counts towards the total amount of hobbies you've unlocked under Building Info; a tenant changing hobbies or discovering a new one while already specialized in one will not unlock it.

Name Potential Titles Furniture
Study Quiz Whiz Urinal, Washing Machine, Wood Chair, Cushion
Technology Visionary Developer Combo Washer, Garbage Room, HDTV, Kairobot Statue, Lamp, Large Bookshelf, Microwave, Space Robot
Games Champion Gamer Anime Figure, Arcade Game, Chimpan Statue, Game Console
Movies Film Columnist 60" TV, Analog TV, L-Shaped Sofa, Leather Chair, Leather Sofa, Security Booth
Reading Best New Novelist Toilet, Sofa, Office Chair, Bookshelf
Music Sublime Singer, Late Bloomer DebutR Electric Organ, Grand Piano, Guitar, Karaoke Room, Stereo
Sports Track Meet World RecordC, Champion Athlete, Oldest AthleteR Green Chair, Barbells, Drying Rack, Fan
Exercise Success Story Basin, Bench Sofa, Massage Chair, Sauna, Whirlpool Bath
Pets Prize Pet, Bonsai ChampionR Aquarium, Flower Vase, Pet Bed, Pet House, Plant, Pond
Collecting Pack Rat Prize Antique Vase, Antique Sofa, Armor, Large Safe, Loveseat, Safe, Samurai Swords, Storage Rack, Trophy
Chatting Killer Comedian Bench, Casual Sofa, Cushion, Juice Bar, Kotatsu, Phone
Cooking Champion Chef Cupboard, Custom Kitchen, Dining Chair, Island Kitchen, Kitchen, Refrigerator
Fashion Fashion Show Winner Bathtub, Bureau, Closet, Cypress Bath, Dresser, Entrance Set, Floor Lamp, Mirror, Shower, Vacuum, Vanity, Unit Bath, Wardrobe, Washer-Dryer
Cars Dynamite Driver Classic Car, Convenience Store, Exercise Bike

R. Title can only be acquired when tenant is a Retiree.

C. Title can only be acquired when tenant is a Child.

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