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High Sea Saga is a sea battle sim.

Dismissing Crew[]

You can get rid of members of your crew by hitting the "Dismiss" button found at Combat Party menu (you need to scroll down). Keep in mind that it may be useful to have some crew around for working on the ship, so only dismiss crew once you've reached your limit, and have a replacement in mind for them.


An aura is a yellow/red effect that surrounds your character, making them stronger for the duration of it.

Day Bonuses[]

This game has several day bonuses which change every day. Aside from that, some day-of-the-month also has other additional bonuses.

Day-of-the-week Bonuses
Day Bonuses Additional Bonuses
Monday Half Quest Stamina (Minimum 1) Random Half Stamina for Online Battle
Tuesday Half cost for Island structures
Doubles money dropped on deck
Wednesday Half Price on Weapon and Armor Shop
Discount on item shop>
Thursday Faster Stamina Recovery (1 every 3 minutes) Half stamina for friends battles
Friday Power up effect doubles
Blacksmith tempering effect doubles
Saturday Double money from selling to stores
5x Gold dropped from Quests
Half stamina for ship navigation
Hatching eggs are 5x faster
Sunday Double knowledge point from ship structures
Researching items in the lab is more effective
Day-of-the-Month Bonuses
Day Bonuses
1 Half Price on Dice Game
2 One medal from Friends Battles
3 Discount at Kairo Center
Discount for Monster Farm Lottery 3
5 Discount on Tavern Recruitment
11 Half Price on Dice Game
12 One medal from Friends Battles
13 Discount at Kairo Center
21 Half Price on Dice Game
22 One medal from Friends Battles
23 Discount at Kairo Center
31 Half Price on Dice Game

Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story.png Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.
  • [bug] When you click on a friend's name the game crashes and shuts down (Only from the menu's, not from system.)
  • [bug] Sometimes ship battles are not available. Starting a new game will often fix it.
  • [bug] You can attack an enemy NPC ship even though you have not revealed the area and the area is not yet survey-able. Simply you just have to tap at the ship estimate position and the game will ask for confirmation to attack if correct.
  • [bug/cheat]: Crew will go to structures that the game says are inaccessible, they will just walk through buildings to use them anyways so just place stuff whatever you feel like [but you will lose the effects and bonuses for nearby buildings when the structure is inaccessible]
  • [bug/cheat]:If your phone/pc is not connected to the internet , the islanders and monsters will keep coming onto your ship , which is good for farming resouraces.


  • This is the first English released Kairosoft game that utilizes a pay-per-month subscription model.
  • Warning: This app uses an ad service called "Tapjoy" which has been reported to be spyware (though no solid evidence presented in the linked source).[1]
  • While this game originally cost money to buy as well as having in-app purchases, it was eventually made free to download (around when it was released on iOS in 2016).

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Language packs[]

Language Pack icon.png Language packs are community made translations of a specific game into a language not otherwise supported by Kairosoft. If you wish to create one, you can download the english CSV file here.
See the language packs page for details.
Language CSV Author(s) Source Notes
Tiếng Việt link csv
link Google
Adino18 tác giả WIP , Ver 2.17, Cập nhật bản dịch link csv 09/08/2019

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